Tabloid Posts Misogynistic Review Of Musician Amanda Palmer – Artist Replies In Song (VIDEOS) (NSFW)

Photo by DeSha Metschke, CC

The Daily Mail made a huge mistake when they tried to slut-shame musician Amanda Palmer. She answered their review, in 3/4 time, before a live audience. Image by DeSha Metschke @Ticket.Wikimedia

When noted independent musician, Amanda Palmer, took the stage at the Glastonbury Festival last June, the coverage in the British media was sparse. The BBC did not carry the performance and most newspapers made only a passing reference. However, for the Daily Mail, noted tabloid operator in the United Kingdom, her performance was something to plaster headlines on. Or rather, her wardrobe was. The tabloid ran with the headline:

Making a boob of herself! Amanda Palmer’s breast escapes her bra as she performs on stage at Glastonbury

Not her performance, not her audience participation, not even that she bared her soul. The Daily Mail saw a nipple when her bra moved up during the performance, and grabbed it… so to speak. But, that was not enough. They had to comment on the rest of her wardrobe as well:

The bi-sexual singer also wore a pair of red velvet jeans and a pair of black arm bands for her set at Worthy Farm.

You can see the event which scandalized the misogynists at The Daily Mail for yourself here:

The shot which scandalized The Daily Mail

This was a major mistake for The Daily Mail. Not only did this further alienate their target audience, but they attacked a person with her own very large audience who is not afraid of exposing herself.

The Daily Mail apparently thought that seeing Amanda Palmer’s nipple was some radical, amazing thing. As anyone who has ever attended one of her concerts can attest, this is hardly an exclusive. But, with typical Amanda Palmer flair, she decided to write a strongly worded letter to the tabloid. But not content to just write the letter, she then set it to music and perform it live while exposing far more than the mere nipple The Daily Mail covered (so to speak):

Here’s the video:

The video went viral in record time, with dozens of copies on Youtube, Vimeo, and other video sharing websites.

The “letter” in its entirely:

Dear Daily Mail,
It has come to my recent attention,
That my recent appearance at Glastonbury festivals
kindly recieved a mention,
I was doing a number of things on that stage
up to and including singing songs,
Like you do
But you chose to ignore that and instantly published
a feature review of my boob,

Dear Daily Mail,
There a thing called a search engine, use it,
If you’d Google’d my tits in advance,
You’d have found your photos are hardly exclusive,
In addition you state that my boob had escaped,
From my bra like a thief on the run,
How do you know that it wasn’t attempting
to just take in the rare British sun?

Dear Daily Mail,
It’s so sad what you tabloids are doing,
Your focus on debasing womens’ appearances
Devolves our species of humans,
But a rag is a rag, and far be it from me,
To go censoring anyone – oh no,
It appears that my entire body is currently
Trying to escape this kimono!

Dear Daily Mail
You misogynist pile of toads
I’m tired of these baby bumps,
vag flashes, muffin tops,
Where are the newsworthy cocks?
When Iggy, or Jagger, or Bowie go shirtless
The news doesn’t cause a ripple
Blah Blah Blah Feminist, Blah Blah Blah Gendership
Blah Blah Blah Oh My God a Nipple!

Dear Daily Mail,
You will never write about this night,
I know that because I’ve addressed you directly
I’ve made myself no fun to fight,
But thanks to the internet people all over the world
Can enjoy this discourse,
And commune with a roomful of people in London
Who aren’t drinking Kool-Aid like yours.

Although there are millions of people
Who will accept the cultural bar where you have it at
There are plenty of others who are perfectly willing
To see breasts in their natural habitat
I keenly anticipate your highly literate
Coverage of upcoming tours
Dear Daily Mail
Up Yours!

Amanda Palmer’s music may not be The Daily Mail’s cup of tea, but her message is one they’d be wise to heed. Long gone are the days of privacy, where celebrities’ wish to hide their secrets enabled the tabloids to operate with impunity. This form of slut-shaming, the overriding focus on any female artists anatomy and physical appearance over their talents as an artist, is nothing new for The Daily Mail. But, with cultural shifts and the rise of the internet generation, their days are numbered.

And this form of misogynistic reporting is being ridiculed more often in the public eye. Witness Scarlett Johansson’s response to a question at an Avenger‘s panel where, after Robert Downey Jr. is asked a question about his acting, she is asked, “To get into shape for Black Widow did you have anything special to do in terms of the diet, like did you have to eat any specific food, or that sort of thing?” (at 3:00).

Here is the video:

And you find other such probing, misogynistic questions from across the spectrum, as you’ll note in this interview with “Extra,” where Ms. Johansson is once again asked something inappropriate, in this case about her underwear:

Here is the video:

And across the board, these forms of questions are put to female musicians and actresses, as this Anne Hathaway interview, also with “Extra,” demonstrates, as she,too, is asked about her diet:

Here is the video:

Many artists of this generation, such as Amanda Palmer, put everything up, out, and available for the world to see. Tabloid attempts to shame or shock their audience, and to protect themselves by holding back the juicy tidbits, simply fall apart. They cannot hold these artists hostage; their audiences have already seen far more, and are more in tune, than the audiences of yesteryear. And, in turn, when tabloids use the old tactics of yesteryear, they find themselves at the receiving end of ridicule, becoming, as in the case of Amanda Palm, the butt of a musical joke, ridiculed in 3/4 time.

In the modern world shaped by the internet, where no subject is taboo and artists will stand there and put far more than just their physical bodies on display, how does any tabloid hope to survive?