Tea Party Supports Blatant Racism In Springboro, Ohio – Pushing Agenda To Dismantle United States (VIDEO)

Sonny Thomas, from Plunder Bund

Don’t believe the Tea Party is out to impose a religious theocracy? Wait till you see what their elected officials are supporting in Ohio. Pictured: Sonny Thomas, from Plunder Bund

Citizens within the Springboro, Ohio school district are upset about the antics of the president and founder of the Springboro Tea Party, Sonny Thomas, who unfurled a Confederate flag this past Thursday at a school board meeting. And not satisfied with just that level of shock, he is reported to have said that African-Americans should consider themselves lucky since they are treated better in the United States than they would be if they were in “Black Countries” with “genocide.” But upon further digging, this was to be expected from the Springboro Tea Party founder. What is more stunning was that, despite the man’s clear disruptive behavior, he was allowed to stay for the whole meeting while others the board deemed disruptive were removed.

Sonny Thomas holding a Confederate flag at the school board meeting, from Nimisha Patel

Even a casual search of the group website reveals far worse material than just a Confederate link, as one can find an “about us” page which comes right out of the Sovereign Citizen handbook. Yes, this is a group of domestic terrorists plaguing Springboro, Ohio. But why was Mr. Thomas given such latitude after his disruption of the school board meeting? It turns out that the president of the school board is Dr. Kelly Kohls, Chairman of the Warren County Tea Party, who, with her vice-president, Jim Rigano, has already gone on record in support of controversial Tea-Party leaning Constitutional classes. Dr. Kohls is the same woman under fire for proposed replacing science education with religiously-based doctrine, as covered by WHIO TV.

Here’s the video:

Sonny Thomas’ protest was over the removal of a series of classes on the U.S. Constitution, offered by the Institute of the Constitution, an offshoot of the right-wing think tank The American View and the National Center for Constitutional Studies. The NCCS is a religious-themed nationalist group founded by Latter-Day Saints political writer, Cleon Skousen, and formerly called The Freemen Institute, the same organization which was disavowed by the Church of Latter-Day Saints for its radical views, such as those of Skousen, who pushed the idea that the United States government was not legitimate. Of particular note here is one of Mr. Skousen’s students, Mitt Romney, who embraced his former teacher’s radical views of American history.

Putting this into context: Mr. Thomas waved a confederate flag at a school board meeting, talking about states’ rights (Ohio stood against the Confederacy, one would note), and he was not removed, while the person discussing the union negotiations and the person discussing the board criticism of a school book were considered disruptive. This was a Tea Party member protecting another. Elsewhere in the meeting, Dr. Kohls complained that her religious views were not being expressed in the material of the school. Perhaps, just perhaps, Dr. Kohls supports the ideas presented by Mr. Thomas, that the laws of the United States are to be revoked utterly and completely, to be replaced by a religiously derived form of government. The terminology used (such as Admiralty Courts) is identical to that used by the sovereign citizens, the domestic terrorist movement with the goal of overthrowing the federal government for replacement by such a theologically based system of government. An American Taliban, as it were.

Digging through this list of goals set by the Springboro Tea Party, it is clear where Mr. Thomas got his ideas. They are just the regurgitated ideas of Mr. Skousen’s whitewashed history, and are the darling of the Tea Party. These ideas are based on the work of The John Birch Society, founded by the Koch family. They are the foundation behind the sovereign citizens domestic terrorist movement, which has the goal of destroying the United States in order to impose a religiously based government.

These anti-American radicals are so dangerous that even the Republican Party is attempting to eliminate their influence. But, after decades of courting these terrorists, they are a snake held up to the bosom of the party. They have wormed their way into local governments, state governments, and school boards, and have eliminated conservatives across the United States, replacing them with those espousing their fascist ideologies.

And the Springboro Tea Party is just the latest of these front-groups pushing this ideology seeking to destroy the United States. A check of their historical quotes archive finds quotations from such notables as Adolf Hitler, while also claiming that the U.S. Government is behind 9/11, that fluoride in the water is designed to cause impotence, and that the very idea of laws is something to be overturned and eliminated. I suppose in such a nation as they imagine, lynch mobs would replace the police, and justice would be at the end of a gun. Some ‘freedom’ they want for us all.

Ever since the Tea Party movement was founded in 2002 by the Koch brothers, it has courted these form of anti-government radicals. They have played a very long-view game, creating think tanks and organizations decades earlier, which now serve as the foundation for their movement today. The Tea Party are just puppets at the end of Koch strings.