Rush Limbaugh Uses N-Word On Air, Says He Can Say It Because ‘It Isn’t Racist’ Anymore (VIDEO)

Caricature by  @ Donkey Hotey’s

So go ahead, Rush. Use it. I dare you. Say it all the time and let’s see if Republicans are able to denounce you. Caricature by @ Donkey Hotey’s

Rush Limbaugh has said many stupid and hateful things throughout his career on the radio. But this newest rant exposes just how bad he, and people like him, want to use the N-word again.

During his show on Tuesday, Limbaugh declared that he will now use the N-word freely because he says “it’s not racist.” He claims he can do this because of an interview Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel gave on CNN with Piers Morgan. In that appearance, Jeantel told Morgan that the term “nigga” is used in friendly terms among African-American youths in an effort to take power away from the N-word.

In response, Limbaugh decided that if African-Americans can say the word to each other, then white racists should be able to use the word to and not be labeled as racists.

“So, ‘nigga’ with an ‘a’ on the end. Well, I think I can now. Isn’t that the point? Cos it’s not racist. That’s the point. I could be talking about a male. A Chinese male, the guy at the laundromat. I could be talking about a man. That’s what she said it means.”

Here’s the audio:


It figures that of all people, Rush Limbaugh would be the one to declare the N-word an acceptable term for white people to use. The problem is that it is very much NOT acceptable. Just like Rush’s use of the word ‘slut’ over a year ago to describe women, the N-word is a word that should never be used on the air. Yes, African-American young people use the word in an affectionate manner, but only when they are talking to each other. That’s because they aren’t using the word in the same way that a person like Rush Limbaugh or any other southern racist uses it.

Despite what conservatives want us all to believe, racism is not dead in America. Far from it. In fact, racism has revealed itself more strongly since President Obama first won election in 2008. That’s when conservatives decided that they couldn’t contain their racism any longer and began revealing it publicly like never before. All because they couldn’t handle an African-American sitting in the White House. And the issue of race has become even more heightened because of the ‘not guilty’ verdict delivered in the George Zimmerman trial.

By using the N-word on a regular basis, Limbaugh would not only be heightening racial tensions even more, he’d demonstrate the overt racism of the Republican Party, which he is the de facto leader of. He’d also be committing career suicide. I can’t imagine any respectable business or corporation remaining as a sponsor of Limbaugh’s show once he begins using the most hateful and racist term ever invented to degrade another human being.

So go ahead, Rush. Use it. I dare you. Say it all the time and let’s see if Republicans are able to denounce you. And that refuse deserve to be labeled a racist coward. Say it all the time and let’s see who remains as a listener and a sponsor so that we will know who the racists are and who we should boycott in protest. I dare you, Rush.

Want to help take Rush Limbaugh off the air and make him pay for his hate, sexism, and racism? There are several ways.

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