Epic Fail: Racists Try To Incite Riot, Watch What Happens (VIDEO)

White racists wanted to prove their beloved right-wing media correct - blacks would riot post-verdict. That leads to this little gem out of Kansas. Image @ DemocraticUnderground

White racists wanted to prove their beloved right-wing media correct – blacks would riot post-verdict. That leads to this little gem out of Kansas. Image @ DemocraticUnderground

In recent weeks, conservative media has been fear mongering about the likelihood of riots in the streets if George Zimmerman were to be found ‘not guilty’ of murdering Trayvon Martin. In the immediate aftermath of that ‘not guilty’ verdict that ended the trial, those conservatives have been proven totally wrong as those dissatisfied with the verdict have participated in peaceful protests. That, of course, means that white racists want to prove their beloved right-wing media correct. And that leads us to this little gem out of Wichita, Kansas.

Dozens of African-Americans gathered in Wichita to peacefully protest the verdict. They were soon joined by a pair of white racists who attempted to incite a riot by being completely disrespectful and hateful. One of the men wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with the words “This shirt can say NIGG*R because it is black,” complete with an ‘E’ in place of the asterisk. The men also brought a video camera with them to tape the riot they were hoping to start. Unfortunately for them, and hilariously for us, they managed to fail miserably in their endeavor.

Rather than succumb to the wishes of the racists, the protesters began to shame the two men and question them about their intentions. No riot took place that day and the men went home, presumably with their tails tucked between their legs.

Here’s the video:

As much as conservatives would like to believe that African-Americans are animals who can’t control themselves, that’s just not the case. Yes, people across the nation are clearly angered that George Zimmerman is walking free after he viciously gunned down an innocent teenager walking home with nothing more than Skittles and iced tea. But that doesn’t mean conservatives should push the racial stereotype that African-Americans riot when a verdict doesn’t go the way they had hoped. Such ridiculous predictions only prove how rampant racism has infected conservative media outlets, and shows the nation just how wrong such stereotypes are.

That being said, the verdict delivered by the jury is a serious injustice. George Zimmerman was in no danger that fateful night. He wrongfully followed Trayvon Martin, ignoring the police dispatcher who told him specifically not to do so. Martin must have been scared as he noticed a strange man with a gun following him across the gated community in which he was staying. Zimmerman was clearly the aggressor that night. Zimmerman can claim self-defense all he wants, the fact remains that he had a gun and Martin was totally unarmed. Shooting an unarmed individual is murder, and yet, Zimmerman is allowed to take home the gun he shot Martin with and gloat about how he was able to kill a black kid and get away with it.

It is now up to the Justice Department to pursue justice in this case. They can charge Zimmerman with a hate crime and try him in a federal court. Perhaps then, Zimmerman will pay the price for his actions and an innocent kid named Trayvon will finally get the justice he deserves. Until then, protesters must continue to peacefully protest and pressure Attorney General Eric Holder to act. The only people who gain anything from a riot are the crazy conservative gun nuts who want to jump up and down saying ‘I told you so’ to justify their racist stereotypes. We must not let them win.