House Republicans Kill Effort To Ban Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns (VIDEO)

House Republicans are proving that they value gun rights for terrorists more than they do the security of the American people. Image @ Commons.Wikipedia

House Republicans are proving that they value gun rights for terrorists more than they do the security of the American people. Image @ Commons.Wikipedia

This past April, Senate Republicans heavily opposed a UN Treaty that would stop weapons from being imported to nations that support terrorism such as Iran and North Korea. Both of those countries rejected the treaty and Senate Republicans stood with them. Senate Republicans would go on to kill the treaty by a vote of 53-46 because it takes 67 Senators to ratify a treaty.

Needless to say, it was outrageous to see Republicans stand with terrorist states against a treaty that would keep weapons out of the hands of the very terrorists we are at war with right now. But now, House Republicans are getting into the act as well.

By a vote of 29-19, Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee defeated a Democratic proposal that would prevent suspected terrorists from being able to buy a gun in the United States. Current law allows people who are on the FBI terrorist watch list to own guns legally. By rejecting the measure, House Republicans are proving that they value gun rights for terrorists more than they do the security of the American people. Worse yet, the measure would also have prevented terrorists from being able to buy explosives.

In the case of both guns and explosives, it would have been the job of the Justice Department to block terrorists from getting them. But now, any terrorist, even those on a watch list, can stroll into a gun dealership and buy weapons that can be used to kill Americans on American soil all because the GOP has such an extreme position on gun rights that they refuse to change in even the slightest way because the NRA is pulling the strings.

The measure was proposed by Democratic Reps. Nita Lowey and David Pierce. In response to the defeat of their proposal, Lowey declared that,

“Terrorists are knowingly exploiting our laws. Americans expect our government to keep guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, the mentally ill, and terrorists. A suspected terrorist cannot board a plane but can pass a background check to buy a gun. It is absurd that my Republican colleagues opposed our amendment to close this dangerous gap in our gun safety laws.”

So not only will terrorists be able to continue getting weapons overseas to use against us, terrorists on our own soil will also be able to continue to do so as well. According to Lowey and the Government Accountability Office Report she was citing, suspected terrorists attempted to buy firearms a total of 1,453 times between the years of 2004-2010. The sad part is that 1,321 of those instances were successful purchases.

Here’s the video:

Sure, the government is keeping us safe on airplanes, but when it comes to safety from guns and explosives, Republicans refuse to budge. One would think the federal government would have the authority to stop terrorists and suspected terrorists from obtaining firearms, but that is sadly not the case, and the NRA and the Republican Party have kept it that way for many years. It’s one thing to protect the gun rights of law abiding American citizens. But it is outrageous for any politician to protect gun rights for terrorists, especially when 80% of the general public and 71% of NRA members support closing the loophole that allows terrorists to buy guns freely. The NRA leadership, on the other hand, ridiculously claims that closing the loophole is a government plot to take away all guns. Apparently the NRA believes all Americans can be considered terrorists.

What this all amounts to is state-sponsored aid to terrorists, domestically and around the world, which is hypocritical considering Republicans began the War on Terror shortly after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. How can we fight such a war when we continue to arm the very terrorists our soldiers and police officers are supposed to be engaging overseas and at home? It makes zero sense. Republicans claim they love America and that they want Americans to be safe. Well, Americans can’t be safe if Republicans are purposefully allowing terrorists to buy and stockpile weapons and explosives legally. And they certainly could not love America if they are willing to risk major terrorist actions against the nation just to keep a loophole open because paranoid NRA lobbyists say so.

Terrorists are buying guns and explosives in America, and they are doing so with the full support of the GOP. If and when a terrorist attack occurs with the use of explosives or guns, just remember that the Republican Party created the atmosphere for such attacks to occur by refusing to prevent them in the first place.