Detroit’s Engineered Bankruptcy – Rick Snyder’s Plan To Steal From The People Of Michigan (VIDEO)

Robocop, by Orion Pictures Corporation

Robocop, by Orion Pictures Corporation

It appears that Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner may be seen as more prophet than Hollywood screenwriters after this week. Mr. Neumeier and Mr. Miner are best known for their first production, a blockbuster success of a movie titled Robocop. In it, the city of Detroit was bankrupt, and a greedy corporate backed manager was doing everything possible to exploit the cities state, in order to enact a “perfect vision” called Delta City. And this week, emergency manager Kevin Orr declared the city of Detroit bankrupt, and began preparing to sell it off to the highest corporate bidder.

You can witness this replacement of civic law with dictatorship yourself here:

How did this come to be? Michigan voters already overturned the emergency managers law, only to have Governor Rick Snyder pass it again using a lame duck session of the state legislature. Governor Snyder was in effect telling the voters that the Republicans had decided that Michigan was a dictatorship, and he was the dictator. And now he is moving to make full use of the spoils.

Already, Governor Snyder managers had sold a $22 million stadium for half a million, a $2 million park along Lake Michigan for $108,000, and with no surprise, to people and companies connected directly to Governor Snyder. One can only wonder if this new emergency manager will go through the pretense of selling off assets, or if he will just hand over the cities prized Van Gogh over to Governor Snyder quietly.

Dictator Snyder has no cares about the law, of the voters. He has made his decision, and that is that. He was determined to bring Mitt Romney’s words to reality and force Detroit to go bankrupt. The truth is, the city was not in that bad a financial situation. It’s financial crisis was manufactured by Dictator Snyder who held up repayments on billions the state owes the city. A manufactured financial crisis, by Dictator Snyder, and to the benefit of Dictator Snyder. Rick Snyder appointed a bankruptcy lawyer to be the emergency manager of Detroit, which told us from the beginning that the bankruptcy was a foregone conclusion. It was engineered, simple as that. The economic recovery is churning strongly and Detroit was already past the point of full recovery, had Dictator Snyder not decided on abusing his authority.

When someone tells you that Detroit is bankrupt, remind them the billions which the state owes the city, and how the dictator in Lansing has engineered this false crisis. Even Forbes magazine recognizes Dictator Snyder for what he is. And, he can even avoid those pesky voters entirely, after all elections are handled on the local level, and in areas under his emergency management, that puts all of those elections in his hands.

However, all is not gloom and doom for Detroit. The bankruptcy was halted after it was found that Mr. Orr and his lawyers had negotiated in bad faith with creditors and shutting down the entire proceeding. Now Dictator Snyder is scrambling to find another way to cheat the citizens of Michigan out of their hard-earned public property, and put it into the hands of those who Dictator Snyder deems worthy.

2014 cannot come too soon, but by then, the damage will have been done. The citizens of Michigan will have had billions stolen from them, and may not have much of a state left to salvage. Dictator-Governor Rick Snyder has already done the damage, and when he leaves office, he fully intends to leave the citizens of Detroit, as well as those of Michigan proper, with nothing.