How To Spot And Out A Pro-‘Lifer’ That Really Just Hates Women And Sex

How to spot and out a 'pro-lifer' who really just hates women and sex.

‘Pro-lifers’ are the sickest of creatures. They view pregnancy as punishment for being a whore with a hatred of women that is hard to fathom.

There are two kinds of pro-life people. The first kind are actually pro-life and oppose abortion to the extent that they will use any legal method to reduce unwanted pregnancies and not just try to ban abortions. I can respect, if not necessarily fully agree with, this group. They mean well and genuinely care about the end product of the pregnancy. They support food stamps and other forms of public assistance to ensure children are cared for. The idea is that if the mother can be assured she will able to support her child, she will be less likely to abort it even if she was not looking to get pregnant. Not altogether unreasonable.