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GOP Losing Control As Mitch McConnell Fights Right And Left For His Senate Seat (VIDEO)

Chicken Mitch McConnell

Suddenly faced with challenges from the left and from the right, the once powerful ‘Chicken’ Mitch McConnell’s stance on his pedestal looks awfully shaky. Photo from the Huffington Post.

Has Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Republican leadership completely lost control of their party? It’s looking more and more like that these days. As recently as two weeks ago, his seat in the senate and position in his party’s leadership seemed unassailable. Now, all of the sudden, McConnell faces a challenge from the millionaire Tea Party favorite Matt Bevin on one side, and the newly-emerged and the popular, Bill Clinton-endorsed Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes on the other. Despite all their efforts at gerrymandering and voter suppression, things aren’t looking so great for the GOP in 2014.

NBC News.Com’s First Read reports that the Republicans are starting to fall apart, and quipped that they’re falling apart with a THUD, not a whimper:

We’ve made this point before, and we’ll make it again: Congressional Republicans aren’t on the same page right now on, well, ANYTHING. The latest example took place yesterday when House Republicans pulled their THUD appropriations bill (funding the Transportation and HUD departments).

Apparently, the leadership couldn’t get the votes they needed. On the one hand, ultra-conservatives thought THUD cost too much, while moderates joined Democrats in protesting the cuts as “too deep.”

And now, a group called For America has weighed in with a video titled “Who Are The Biggest Chickens In Washington?” Which, of course, blasts McConnell’s relentless opposition to Obamacare as insufficiently relentless:

“In American slang, the chicken represents a coward. The chicken is also representative of a new Republican in Washington. They tend to say one thing [voice-over from Mitchell]: ‘Obamacare should be repealed root and branch,’ but when confronted with an opportunity to act, they often run far away without a sense of direction.”

The montage of clucking chickens interspersed with head shots of Mitchell sure do make him look silly … especially since Mitchell often does kind of look like an old biddy hen.

Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, Huffington Post reports that Bevin flat-out challenged McConnell to sign a pledge to de-fund Obamacare. This stance will become increasingly untenable as key provisions go into effect, and more people benefit from Obamacare’s provisions. Yep, we’re definitely looking at tough times for Senator Mitch McConnell … O how the mighty have fallen:

A month ago, McConnell had a strong command over his Senate GOP conference; a month ago, he had no general-election challenger; and a month ago, he had no GOP primary. Now everything has fallen apart for the GOP leader. And the one thing his team had been trying to avoid — a primary challenge — has now become a reality. He’s in a big political bind: McConnell has a Republican conference that now regularly breaks with him on enough things that it only energizes some of the conservative skeptics who have been trying to go after McConnell for years. We’re guessing there’s no one that might be looking less forward to the August recess and the coming fall budget battles than Mitch McConnell.

Meanwhile, all we liberals can do is hunker down and chortle with glee.

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