Mitch McConnell-Affiliated Super Pac Reveals $100K Donation From Dead Person

Everything's better with zombies, including politics

Zombies for Mitch McConnell! Who’s got the dead people vote? The Senate minority leader and the Republicans? Or President Obama and the Democrats? Image from

We all knew that supporters of conservative, Republican candidates like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hail from an older and whiter demographic that’s slowly but surely dying off. But how many of them are already dead? USA Today reports that nearly $600,000 in contributions to candidates running for the House, Senate, and Oval Office since 2009 came from 32 individuals who are listed as “deceased.” And our roundly disliked turtle-faced obstructionist is taking the biggest beating over this amusing, but telling, bit of news. What could be more appropriate for the aging scion of a declining political ideology — who faces challengers from both the right and from the left — than some zombie largesse from the grave?

Last week, the McConnell-affiliated Kentuckians for Strong Leadership super PAC got called out for reporting a $100,000 campaign contribution from a deep-pocketed Houston, TX developer and prominent GOP supporter, Bob Perry on June 3rd … because the man had shuffled off his mortal coil on April 13th, for heaven’s sake. Instead of saying, “Oops, never mind,” and donating the money to Perry’s favorite charity, a spokesperson blamed the untimely demise filing on a “computer glitch,” and insisted that they’d received the money the day before Perry’s death. Then again, perhaps Mitchell was Perry’s favorite charity.

But, as much as I’d love to continue poking fun at the man I’ve heard called “Nerdle the Turtle,” Liberals — and the Democratic National Committee in particular — are the main beneficiaries from the beyond. According to USA Today’s report, $245,176 went to the DNC, $163,200 went to the Libertarians, $96,329 went to the Green Party, $31,203 went to Obama’s Victory Fund, and $25,000 went to the liberal National Committee for an Effective Congress.

Furthermore, giving from the grave is perfectly legal — though, as is true amongst the living — political donations must remain within the legal limits of $5,200 to a federal candidate per year and $32,400 to a political party per year. Washingotn, DC campaign-finance lawyer Stefan Passantino told USA Today that he encourages making bequests to politicians and political organizations:

“The best thing I can do with my money is to help make the world a better place.”

Which makes one ponder the universe’s mysteries … like how re-electing Mitch McConnell would make the world a better place, and why everything — even politics — is better with zombies.