Loony Alert: Is This REALLY What The GOP’s Ted Yoho Thinks About Food Stamps & Marriage? (AUDIO)

Ted Yoho's pretty much covered 'stupid' on every hot-button topic: immigration, poverty, marriage equality and, oh yeah, the whole birther thing that won't die. Image by John M. Fletcher @ FloridaTrend

Ted Yoho’s pretty much covered ‘stupid’ on every hot-button topic: immigration, poverty, marriage equality and, oh yeah, the whole birther thing that won’t die. Image by John M. Fletcher @ FloridaTrend

Florida seems to have a never-ending supply of right-wing loons. This time our attention is drawn to Rep. Ted Yoho. He got a head start on the summer Town Hall meetings earlier this month, telling the crowd that he would support the birther legislation Texas Rep. Steve Stockman has been floating. Stockman elicited Yoho’s support when the latter attended a Tea Party get-together held by Stockman. Even though he says the whole birther issue is a “distraction,” he still thinks it would be really cool if it was true:

“They said if it is true, it’s illegal, he shouldn’t be there and we can get rid of everything he’s done, and I said I agree with that.”

The Tea Party’s cream dream would be proving that the president wasn’t born here so that they could bring down the entire government. The fact that this entire issue has already been destroyed by, you know, actual reality? Don’t tell them – they don’t want to hear it.

Having got the really stupid part of the program out of the way, Yoho moved on to the incredibly stupid. He spoke about marriage equality (you know what’s coming, right?):

“I think it’s a sad state of affairs in America today that we as a society are so confused that we have to redefine what marriage is. It’s an institution that’s been around for thousands years and I feel like it’s ordained by God; are we that confused as a country that we have to start redefining these things?”

He might be confused but the majority of us are quite clear about what we want when it comes to marriage equality. Over half of the American people support it: that’s not at all confusing. Maybe Rep. Yoho can’t do math. Besides, marriage has been redefined many times throughout our history. It’s natural for marriage relationships to evolve within the societies which support it. But that’s elitist, referring to history.

Here’s the Audio:

Next up on the Yoho hit list was food stamps. He was all for the recent move by House Republicans to sever food stamp funding from the farm bill. He also expressed doubts that nearly 50 million Americans face hunger and food insecurity:

“I think there’s 330 million people starving, at least three times a day, we call it breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

He continued that the huge cuts to the program would not affect anyone, that not one person would lose a crumb if they deserve it. In light of his belief that food stamps are too easy to get and have become a “lifestyle,” there are probably few people who he thinks “deserve” it. Except for him, of course. Oh yes, his family was on food stamps for two months. But, gosh, they deserved it unlike those lazy, cheap-food-loving-food-stamp-lifestyle people.

Here’s the Audio:

Really warmed up now, Yoho brings it home on the subject of immigration. He is skeptical of the efforts to reform immigration policy because he’s afraid of Hezbollah. That group, he believes, is smuggling potential terrorists into the U.S. – no, really!

“I talked to a guy that works with Hezbollah, they call him the 007 of Hezbollah, they call him and find out he’s brought over 1,500 people here illegally that don’t like us, they want to blow us up.”

Sounds like Rep. Yoho has been watching too many action movies. The 007 of Hezbollah? Has he tried pitching that in Hollywood? I bet they could make a passable film with that idea because that’s where it belongs – in the fantasy world of cinema. It has nothing to do with the real world.

Here’s the Audio:

Yoho also agrees with another right-wing idol, Doc Thompson, who said back in March that the tanning tax in the Affordable Care Act is racist… get this… because “dark-skinned people” don’t use tanning salons. Rep. Yoho is down with that idea. His logic does not resemble our earth logic.