These Gay Men Have A Dire Warning For Men Against Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

The tide is turning in the war for marriage equality, but the DOMA decision has taken the battle state-to-state, and equality has not yet won. In the spirit of that, and in light of the fact that the majority of Americans support marriage equality, let’s remember one thing, guys — if you don’t support marriage equality, gay men will marry your girlfriends. Doubt it? Watch the hilarious video below, and see if you aren’t convinced.

Here’s the video:

If that doesn’t convince you to stand up for gay rights, I don’t know what will!

In all seriousness, despite national victories on major LGBT marriage equality cases, the battle still rages state-to-state. LGBT activists and allies alike must join together in solidarity, in each state, and make sure that the law follows the right path — equality for everyone.