Idiot Rush Statement Of The Day – ‘If You Believe in God, You Cannot Believe in Global Warming’

Author: August 13, 2013 12:56 pm


Right-wing dittoheads rose in unity after their overlord and master Rush Limbaugh went on the record proclaiming that anyone who believed in God could not believe in man-made climate change:

Really Rush? “If you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in manmade global warming. You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something he cannot create.” His claim rings hollow, sounding like the washed up has-been he is. Not only did he try to make a statement by Secretary of State John Kerry on global warming a debate about abortion (talk about a stretch) but then he went so far as to proclaim that mankind has no ability to affect the weather in any way shape or form. His intellectual dishonesty is beyond insane. That, or his drug-addled brain has simply forgotten the massive hole in the Ozone Layer over the Antarctic.

We didn’t just affect the atmosphere, we punched a hole in it the size of a continent.

Man-made events that literally threatened the human race with extinction aside, these sorts of comments are par for the course for Rush and his merry band of dittoheads. It is the “you are either with us or against us” mentality which is the hallmark of the modern neo-Conservative movement. And this is why the right-wing is unsustainable. If you have any inkling of science, then you are the heathen, to be burned at the stake. The groupthink mentality requires absolute obedience, any deviation to be met by absolute destruction.

This is the flaw in the neo-conservative movement. It is unsustainable, as it is impossible to reach consensus with the mindset of “All of nothing.” These neo-conservative bums are anti-American, unpatriotic hypocrites, demanding obedience or else “you are against God.” Rush Limbaugh knows the mind of the divine, does he?

One will note that the right-wing lunatics will continually declare that “either you believe this, or else you are not a good Christian.” No wonder we have conservative families willing to risk their lives at sea in a misguided attempt to flee what they believe is the impending state-controlled religious state. These anti-government, right-wing neo-conservatives are nothing but anarchists in a suit, or, in Rush’s case, a too-tight polo shirt. They declare that their viewpoint is the same as God itself.

Or instead is Rush saying that he is God? Oh wait, that’s right, his talent is on loan from God, so he obviously has a direct line to the big man upstairs. So, you heard it, Rush says if you are Christian, you must ignore the overwhelming evidence and stick your head in the sand.

After all, ignoring a problem is always a sure-fire way to solve it.

As for Rush, well, let us hear it in his own words how awesome he is (sort of):


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  • It seems that the Koch brothers are getting a wee bit desperate.

  • Every now & then Rush slips up and says something so transparent (despite its calculated dishonesty), that it reveals the Tea Party’s real purpose and goals behind its political rhetoric.

    Here we have Rush’s naked admission that the real driving force behind the Tea Party is not politics, but fundamentalist religion.

    Fundamentalism teaches (as Rush states here) that you cannot be a good Christian if you believe anything that disagrees with fundamentalist ideology, in effect a kind of spiritual blackmail.

    But the real danger of fundamentalism is that it is authoritarian and antidemocratic, holding that power flows not from the public, as in a democracy, but only from God, whose divine will they alone reserve the right to interpret.

    Despite fundamentalist accusations that the government is anti-religion, religion is actually so unrestricted in America that any believer (or con artist, for that matter) can start his or her own religion or church, worship whatever they wish, from the Sun to their TV, and even solicit donations. It doesn’t get any more free than that. Most religions are content with this freedom and don’t take advantage of it.

    But fundamentalism is different. Fundamentalists misinterpret this Constitutionally protected freedom of religion (traditionally known as the Separation of Church and State), claiming that what the founders REALLY meant was that although government should not control religion, religion should control government. Which religion? You guessed it.

    To Tea Party fundamentalists, religious freedom gives them the exclusive right to suspend, or ‘shut down,’ public democracy-based government to abolish policies, rights or laws they don’t like. Like Obamacare for instance, or a woman’s right to safe birth control. Or even the right to vote.

    Revealingly, fundamentalism was founded on the belief that the Holy Bible (King James Version) was the literal, infallible word of God that must never be interpreted, revised or questioned. But recently, fundamentalists declared the King James Bible “too liberal,” and reinterpreted it to reflect their right-wing views.

    Naturally, they declared this newly interpreted Holy Bible to be the “literal word of God” that must never be interpreted, revised, etc.

  • Limbaugh’s bombastic tirades notwithstanding, many Christian conservatives do indeed believe that the answer to the climate crisis would be to hold a prayer meeting and ask God to make the climate problems go away.

    That’s the great thing about faith-based proclamations. No facts or evidence are required.

    Sanctimonious, scientifically-illiterate, theocracy-minded politicians and pundits have redefined what constitutes science to fit their own point of view. Therefore, they equate real science with natural phenomena under the control of God.

    “God works in mysterious ways” is a religious rationalization for what these folks really mean: “I have no f*cking clue how natural phenomena happen, nor how the process of scientific observation, experimentation, analysis, deduction, and discovery further our understanding of the universe”.

    With respect to man’s impact on our global climate, far too many people base their opinions on what Limbaugh or the “experts” on FOX News have told them to believe rather than on the actual evidence that climatologists use to draw their conclusions.

    The climate change deniers’ argument can be summarized as follows: “Sh*t happens, only it’s not really happening”.

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