BP Cries Over Spilt Oil, Sues U.S. Government

From Greenpeace Flicker Album, by 361gradmedien.de

From Greenpeace Flicker Album, by 361gradmedien.de

In a move that boggles the mind, oil giant British Petroleum is suing the US government for banning it from federal contracts after the deadly 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) citing BP’s “lack of business integrity,” barred BP last year from competing for new federal contracts following the catastrophic accident three years ago, which left 11 people dead and sent millions of barrels of oil churning into the Gulf.

Geoff Morrell, BP’s head of U.S. communications said,

 “We believe that the EPA’s action here is inappropriate and unjustified as a matter of law and policy, and we are pursuing our right to seek relief in federal court. At the same time, we remain open to a reasonable settlement with the EPA.”

Hey Geoff! I’ve got a reasonable settlement. Make good on the mistake. Pay for it all. Every slippery penny. And when you can prove beyond all doubt that no other possible negative effects will come from this disaster then we’ll discuss new contracts. Until then, you greedy bastards, you’ll have to make do with being one of the largest suppliers of fuel to the U.S. government, including to the military.

While it is true that BP has incurred about $42.4 billion in charges related to the April 20, 2010, rig blast at the company’s Macondo well that resulted in the largest oil spill in U.S. history. It is also true that the environmental impact has yet to be fully determined which include controversial dispersement chemicals used to “clean up” the spill.

The EPA is doing the right thing here by banning this company from increasing it’s scope of oil development along our shores. BP claims it’s unfair, unjust, and faces “irreparable harm” if the bans are not lifted.

Yep. Kind of like the irreparable harm done to the globe and all that call it home. Sorry BP. You’re gonna have to refine your attitude. You are paying fines & settlements which is great, but you have yet to slip through the U.S. governments hands or slide out of the public scrutiny for damages to the environment seen and unseen.

Personally, I’m glad BP seems to be trying to make good on their mistake but I continue to boycott them . The suit, BP Exploration & Production Co et al v. McCarthy et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, No. 13-02349 only re-affirms my instinct.

You can contact BP and let them know how you feel HERE. Or give your support to the EPA HERE.