Hillary Clinton Starts New Speech Tour — Are You Ready For Clinton 2016?

The very popular Ms. Hillary Clinton @ HillaryClintonOffice.com

Hillary Clinton’s new speech tour is off and running. Despite recent attacks, Clinton and her super-PAC “Ready for Hillary” are hitting the ground early. Image @ HillaryClintonOffice.com

Hillary Clinton is set to deliver a series of “policy oriented” speeches nationwide in the next few months. She just recently kicked off the tour when she spoke at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in San Francisco. She focused mainly on voting rights in this particular speech but has stated that she will discuss everything from national security to government transparency in the coming months. Clinton focused her most recent speech on voter ID laws in states such as Texas and North Carolina, which, she asserted, are aimed at restricting votes, not preventing voter fraud.

Liberals and conservatives who remain on the fence in regards to her running for presidency in 2016 may now be warming up to the idea. Certainly, her super-PAC “Ready for Hillary” has been working tirelessly, boasting half-a-million grassroots supporters on their website and Facebook page. Additionally, a number of conservatives and conservative groups seems to think Hillary might, indeed, be gearing up to run, and have started their shameless attacks early.

Last week, a self-proclaimed non-partisan group known as the “The Hillary Project” shared a link to a game with its Twitter followers. The game encourages users to slap a virtual Hillary Clinton or listen to a number of sound clips where she defends her husband, former President Bill Clinton. The game is, frankly, not particularly shocking; nonetheless, such actions are unacceptable and, frankly, offer no concrete political reasons to vote for or against Clinton. It’s a childish and vapid attack.

It turns out that “The Hillary Project” can be tied to a partisan group with a very conservative leader; as always, it doesn’t take very long to find the culprit. It’s FEC filing is attached to a Mr. Christopher Marston. He is currently working as a “campaign finance compliance consultant with North Rock Reports and Election CFO, LLC.” He even held appointments in the Bush administration and various positions in the House working with Republican lawmakers.

What I find most fascinating, however, is that the game is now sporting a small political message at the bottom which states:

“We didn’t see the liberal media bemoaning this ‘Slap Palin‘ game when it came out! They only care when it’s the candidate they support for president.”

I, as a liberal, can say that I do not condone any game which advocates violence against a political candidate, no matter how greatly I disagree with them. The problem with any “slap” game is of course, the use of physical aggression toward another person, whether they be liberal or conservative. Interestingly, the two “slap” games of recent memory are against female candidates., making these types of statements not only ineffective, but contributors to the culture of violence against women living in the U.S.

Fortunately, Clinton seems to be paying very little attention to these attacks, and her supporters are creating a powerful political offense. NBC is planning to release a mini-series about Clinton before the election cycle begins in 2016, and the “Ready for Hillary” PAC is securing potential voters and big-name donors. Her newly announced speech tour is certainly just the beginning.

It seems Hillary Clinton is taking a hint from the previous grassroots campaign efforts of President Barack Obama and hitting the ground early. The new speech tour hopes to rally the Democratic base across the country and bring up issues some Americans feel have not been addressed by the current administration. Undoubtedly, Clinton is bound to face a slew of attacks in the near future, but as she also saw with Barack Obama, weathering the storm by raising money and supporters is really the best revenge.