American Preacher Who Pushed Ugandan ‘Kill The Gays’ Bill Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

Author: August 15, 2013 10:11 am
When you urge a country to slaughter almost 10% of its population and they start to listen, that is a crime against humanity.

When you urge a country to slaughter or imprison almost 10% of its population, those are crimes against humanity.

Scott Lively, head of Defend the Family International, will be tried in a Massachusetts court for crimes against humanity, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday. The lawsuit was filed against him by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) on behalf of Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) last year. They charge that he has spearheaded the Ugandan anti-LGBT movement, advising the government of that country on the “Kill The Gays” bill and conspiring with them for the past decade to persecute LGBT Ugandans. From the papers filed:

The suit alleges that Lively’s involvement in anti-gay efforts in Uganda, including his active participation in a conspiracy to strip away fundamental rights from LGBT persons constitutes persecution. This is the first known Alien Tort Statute (ATS) case seeking accountability for persecution on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

On Alan Colmes radio show, in January of 2010, Lively had this to say:

“What’s the gay agenda in Uganda? It’s the attempt to homosexualize the country like they did in so many other countries. … To change the moral foundation of the society, away from a marriage-based culture, to one of sexual anarchy. That’s why they invited me there. They were concerned about the attempts to do that, by American and European gays, mostly men, who were coming into their country, messing with the young men in the country, and trying to influence their political and cultural policies.”

Though he says that he doesn’t believe in homosexuals being incarcerated, he has, on many occasions, equated homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality. He has been thumping anti-gay propaganda, spreading spurious “facts” about LGBT persons and knowingly propagating falsehoods about a “gay agenda.” He has said that homosexuals ran the Nazi party, co-writing a book called The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, a tome full of idiotic claims that have no basis in reality. Lively has taken this hateful message around the world, not only advising Ugandan authorities, but also sending an “open letter” to the Russian people. In this, he asserts that homosexuality is a dangerous personality disorder. It makes one wonder whether this letter had any influence over the new anti-gay laws in Russia. After all, it was only a month after Lively had “advised” the Ugandan government that the “Kill The Gays” bill was introduced.

Recently, Lively has been flogging the moronic idea that President Obama is gay. No, really. Lively thinks that the POTUS is gay because Reggie Love, Obama’s former personal assistant, was visiting him in February. Because it’s unknown for two hetero men to visit, play pool and shoot the shit, you know. Lively has been pushing this ridiculous idea on the World Net Daily website – so you know it must be true!

Scott Lively will stand trial for his odious words and acts, both of which are responsible for many deaths in Uganda. Of course, he asserts that he’s just being picked on and that the suit…

“… boils down to nothing more than an attempt to define my Biblical views against homosexuality as a crime. Clearly, this lawsuit is intended not only to silence me as an effective voice of opposition to the ‘gay’ agenda, it is also to intimidate everyone else who would dare to follow my example.”

But what Mr. Lively can’t seem to grasp is that his freedom to believe as he will does not extend to persecuting people who don’t feel the same. Why, oh why can’t these fundies get it through their thick skulls – freedom of religion does not extend beyond your own life? You cannot make others, either by force or by law, comply with your religious beliefs. It’s very simple really. It’s even in their book:

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

See? Simple. Mr. Lively apparently has never really read that book or, if he has, has only done so selectively. What a shame. Well, it will give him something to do in prison, I guess, God/dess willing.


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  • FarleyXWilbur

    After reading a number of the linked court articles, and the links on their pages, and wading through court rulings, this guy will get off. Even though the Alien Tort Statute is as old as our country, it seems to never had any real teeth. What teeth it had has mostly been frittered away by our lower courts and SCOTUS. With the threshold imposed by SCOTUS, the problem boils down to the same old thing: corporations are people but they can’t be punished because they are special people.

    That’s not quite the direct statement of the courts, but it is in line with our corporatist courts’ sentiments. Our courts will never get out of this mess until we clearly place the horse before the cart and our corporations become subservient to the people. As long as government remains defined as legitimate if they derive their power from the wealthy, the rightful owners of that right, the People, will be ignored.

    Lastly, if your read the Dutch Shell case which involved murder and more, you will be sick with the arguments made by Dutch Shell (in American courts). Essentially they say they can do whatever they want, including corrupt other governments and cause the deaths of others, because no court has standing to judge their actions. Wow.

  • “he asserts that homosexuality is a dangerous personality disorder”

    I’d say this applies more to religion (which is a belief by choice), particularly dog-fearing mental giants like Mr. Lively, than it does homosexuality (which is inherent in Nature). But, why let those pesky facts get in the way of good, old fashioned hate mongering??

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