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  1. Moongrim
    August 17, 2013

    By his own ‘logic’, the same can be said for believing in the Q’uran, the Book of Mormon, The Satanic Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and every single other document that has been idol worshipped in Human History.

  2. labman57
    August 17, 2013

    Sanctimonious, scientifically-illiterate, theocracy-minded politicians and pundits have redefined what constitutes science to fit their own point of view. Therefore, they equate real science with natural phenomena under the control of God.

    What they don’t understand is that science is not merely a body of knowledge accumulated over the centuries, it is also the process through which this knowledge is attained. And so simply declaring that something is true because it says so in the Bible (or any other literary source) cannot be construed as science if that “fact” or “idea” was not the result of a valid, structured, self-critical scientific process.

    “God works in mysterious ways” is a religious rationalization for what these folks really mean:  “I have no freaking clue how natural phenomena happen, nor how the process of scientific observation, experimentation, analysis, deduction, and discovery further our understanding of the universe”.

    The allegories and parables presented in the Bible are akin to a docudrama — a fictional account of early human history inspired by and loosely based on actual events.  These scriptures were designed, in part, to provide answers for people who asked questions about matters which they could not yet comprehend and to provide guidelines for expected moral behavior as determined by the religious order of the time.

    Spirituality is another matter entirely.  Organized religion and spirituality are related, but not equivalent.

    There is nothing inherently mutually exclusive between the belief in a supreme spiritual entity — and with it, an inward search for meaning and purpose — and the convictions of the scientific method.  The apparent conflict arises when one equates the existence of “a Higher Consciousness” with the validity of the allegories in that popular work of fiction known as the Bible. 

    In other words, spirituality and respect for science are not mutually-exclusive predilections.

    One should not be so insecure as to believe that there is not enough room in the universe for both to exist and flourish.

    • Moongrim
      August 17, 2013

      Those who state that there is no room for spirituality and science in the same universe, are usually those who want everyone else to ignore science.

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