Ted Cruz Follower: Canada Is Not Really Foreign Soil (VIDEO)

Author: August 24, 2013 1:43 pm

Walden Republican Christina Katok at Ted Cruz Rally

Anyone wondering why Ted Cruz and other right-wing Republican politicians continue to say things they are intelligent enough to know are wrong, should understand that they are pandering to a base that has no interest in being educated. It is not that the Republican right-wing base is less intelligent. They are willfully ignorant. They are unwilling to accept uncomfortable realities, so they live in a delusional bubble, irrespective of consequences.

Ted Cruz was born on foreign soil from an American mother and a foreign father. That is fact. President Obama was born on American soil from an American mother and a foreign father. In effect, there was never a real constitutional question regarding President Obama’s eligibility to be president. Irrespective of his parents, he was born on American soil. There is a constitutional question on Cruz’s eligibility based on the definition of ‘natural born citizen.’ As such, one would expect the right-wing birthers to go after Ted Cruz.

As long as you have constituents like Walden Republican Christina Katok, Canadians would qualify for the presidency. She says:

“As far as I am concerned, Canada is not foreign soil. That’s the way I look at it.”

Listen to her and others in this short Texas Tribune piece… here’s the video:

Aren’t these guys the strict constitutionalists? This behavior is called willful ignorance. Adjust your beliefs to satisfy your desires. What is ironic is, had President Obama been born in Kenya, based on Cruz’s circumstance and acceptance by the right-wing, the birthers should accept President Obama would be just as eligible given his American mother. The reality is that even if both President Obama’s parents were foreign, he constitutionally qualifies for the presidency as he was born on American soil… Cruz was not.

The reason the country is at a standstill is that we have a sect that is obstructing, that has no interest in reality-based governing. They can do this as long as their willfully ignorant base continues to vote at higher rates than the rest of America in gerrymandered districts. In effect, America gets the government it deserves. Those who want good government must vote for good politicians.


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  • Irony: the same delusional tea party folks who embrace the birther claim that Obama wasillegitimately elected POTUS because he was not actually born in the United States — despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary — are more than willing to ignore the fact that Mr. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada.

    It appears as though these right wing neanderthals believe that Hawaii is a foreign land while Alberta is part of the United States. After all, Canadians look more American than most Hawaiians, right?

    “But … but … but … since Teddy’s mother was an American citizen when he was born in Canada, he is himself a natural citizen”, counter the right wing pundits.
    True, but the birthers apparently don’t accept that interpretation of “natural citizen”, otherwise their entire argument regarding Obama would be moot.

  • Wilful ignorance or Double Standards?

    Both of course.

    Hilariously so.

    Is it any wonder why so many folks laugh at these pathetic fools?

  • It’s an easily explainable viewpoint: in their eyes, Obama’s supposed birthplace of Kenya is a scary unknown (because they can’t find it on a map) Black country on the mysterious Dark Continent, whereas Canada is a friendly White country that’s essentially “America North.” Only with moar socialism.

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