Right-Wing Claims Facebook Unjustly Targeting Them; Plans Boycott


Oh no. This is horrible news. Conservatives are boycotting Facebook this Sunday. What ever will we liberals do with no trolls to block, no crazy people to laugh at, no hate-spewing, foul-mouthed Facebook stalkers to report, no uninformed morons to explain to us the “facts” they discovered by visiting web-sites like Breitbart, Infowars, and the lunaticfringe.com? What will we do without the meme misinformation campaign, the racist photos, the threats of armed rebellion – not to mention the dire warnings about the evil “homosexual agenda?”

Conservatives have decided to boycott, claiming that they have been “unfairly targeted” by Facebook. They say that their accounts have been blocked and they have been subject to censorship for “simply expressing their beliefs.” hmmm

Maybe the problem is that their beliefs are at odds with Facebook policies, as well as the laws of pretty much every civilized society in the world. For instance, the belief that killing people is a good way to solve your problems. That belief does indeed conflict with Facebook policies, and with many US laws as well. Who knew?

Here are some fun examples of conservatives who were “unfairly” targeted by Facebook for simply expressing their beliefs:

The group that declared open hunting season on democrats, the guy that posted a hitlist of liberal politicians calling for them to be executed, the many right-wingers who have been arrested and sent to prison for threatening the life of the President, or the gun-nuts who threaten people every single day, on Facebook and elsewhere. I highly doubt this policy is being applied arbitrarily toward conservatives, I just think conservatives happen to violate this policy far more often than the general public.

Facebook also has a policy against bullying and harassment. Conservatives, on the other hand, seem to believe that bullying and harassment are policies to live by. If they can’t win a debate (which is always) they simply swear at you, call you names, spam your account, troll your page and find other ways to annoy you until you get angry enough to report them to Facebook. Somehow when they get banned for it, it’s Facebook’s fault. If Facebook enforced this policy as often as it should, the site would have to ban almost every right-wing pundit by now, including Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck and all the rest of the GOP bullies and hate-mongers, who engage in this type of behavior on a daily basis.

Fox News pundit, Todd Starnes, was banned from Facebook for such behavior in July, 2013. Too bad he was allowed back after only 12 hours.

Hate Speech is against Facebook policy, of course as far as conservatives policies the only thing that technically qualifies as hate speech is if you say anything bad about Christians. Go ahead and say that the poor are animals, use racist language to describe the President of the United States, spew hate toward homosexuals, women, liberals, Muslims, immigrants, atheists, whatever, whoever…

While the idea that conservatives are being “unjustly” targeted by Facebook is just laughable, the thought of them boycotting Facebook for the day is not at all unpleasant. Come to think of it, shouldn’t conservatives being giving it a rest every Sunday, per the Biblical Ten Commandments that they want to install in every public school and courthouse in the country? Or is that Saturday? Maybe they should make it both just to be sure. How about Monday – Friday? So many days to choose from…

And what ever happened to that “Tea Party Community” Facebook alternative they were hyping up a few months ago anyways?