‘Christian’ Church In Tennessee Expels Whole Family For Not Abandoning Lesbian Daughter

Family Kicked Out Of Church, Screenshot Channel 9 News

Kat Cooper is a detective with the Collegedale Police Department in Collegedale, Tennessee. Her family has attended the same church for three generations and because they love her, they are no longer welcome by the congregation.

The Ridgedale Church of Christ discovered the Cooper family supporting Kat’s fight to get the city to extend government employee benefits to gays and lesbians. Kat herself is also a lesbian. So when the Ridgedale Church saw a picture of her family in attendance at the city council meeting in which the council approved the new measure, they issued the family an ultimatum: apologize in front of the congregation for not hating your lesbian daughter or be kicked out of the church.

Naturally, the Coopers chose to leave the church rather than submit to the hateful values it now practices. That seems to suit minister Ken Willis just fine. He claims that it was the duty of the church to reject the Coopers for openly standing by their daughter instead of abandoning her. In his eyes, the family should have chosen hate over love. That’s interesting, considering the fact that Jesus commands us to love our neighbors no matter what in the very Bible conservative Christians cherry-pick and misinterpret to justify their hatred of others. Church is supposed to be a place that welcomes anybody. Apparently that is no longer the case. And religious fanatics wonder why people are leaving the church in droves.

Because of their un-Christian action of rejecting a family for daring to love their own daughter no matter what, the Ridgedale Church has experienced an avalanche of outrage on their Facebook page. Feel free to visit them and add your voice to the many who are calling this so-called “Christian” church out for their hate.

Gay rights are human rights. Homosexuals only seek the same rights heterosexuals have enjoyed for over a thousand years. They want to be able to marry their consenting partner, the person they love. Just as many heterosexual couples want religion to play a role in their marriage, the same applies to many homosexuals as well. No church that claims to practice Christian values should abandon families for loving their children, just as no church should practice hatred against homosexuals. Churches can hide behind their Bibles all they want, hate masquerading as religion is still hate. Hate, not love, should be rejected by churches. Any church that disagrees isn’t a church at all.

For 60 years, the Cooper family attended the same church. All that time, they believed they were part of a family and that they could trust their congregation to support them. In a matter of days, their church turned it’s back on them, and all of that trust and feeling of family went up in smoke. The family understandably remains upset and shaken over the ordeal. It is sad that a church would sever such a longstanding relationship with a family just because they love and support their daughter. The good thing about all of this is that the Cooper family now serves as an example to families everywhere. When it comes to choosing between a hateful church and loving one’s child, a family should always choose their child. Fortunately, there are churches that applaud what the Coopers did and any of those churches would be lucky to have them as part of their flock.