Florida Police On The Hunt For Three Men Who Raped Woman Just For Being A Lesbian (VIDEO)


The fight for gay rights is the civil rights issue that defines American civil rights history at the moment. For years, conservatives have railed against the LGBT community, claiming that rights for homosexuals harm the family, children, and heterosexual marriages. Even though there is no evidence to support their claims, those of the religious right have driven themselves into hate overload. On Sunday, that hatred led to a hate crime in Florida.

As a woman was walking home from the Revolution nightclub in Orlando, three men pulled alongside her in a silver vehicle and verbally taunted her. They then proceeded to rape her.

According to Raw Story, “the victim told police the men called her a “lesbian” and “dyke” before they pushed her to the ground, took off her underwear and raped her. She suffered scratches on her arms and a cut on her chin, according to police.

“They made statements indicating their desire to kind of punish her for her sexual orientation,” Sgt. Jim Young told WKMG 6.

One of the men allegedly told the victim, “I’ll show you how a real man feels.”

Police are now searching for the men who committed this vicious and sickening crime. But the crime underscores just how serious anti-gay fervor has become in America and why it needs to be put to an end. In addition to this heinous act of hatred, a gay Iraq War hero was recently booed and shouted down by religious bigots in San Antonio because he was speaking to the city council in support of expanding anti-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation. Another act of religious bigotry occurred in Tennessee, where a church expelled a whole family simply because they refused to abandon their lesbian daughter. But the right-wing just doesn’t want to stop with violence and discrimination.

During one of his recent radio programs, Christian Right spokesman Bryan Fischer admitted on the air that conservatives want to enact the kind of anti-gay policies that Russia has employed. If that were to happen, conservatives could arrest and imprison homosexuals just for being homosexuals. Conservatives are so blinded by hatred that they actually want to emulate Russia, a nation they have long called an enemy of America.

Just how far will conservatives go to get their way on the issue of homosexuality in America? Clearly, some are willing to copy the actions of nations like Russia. Others are apparently willing to punish families for loving their children even if they’re gay. And there are those who are willing to go so far as to rape and/or kill people just for being gay.

It may only get worse too, especially since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and declined to halt same-sex marriage in California. Conservatives have vowed to outlaw same-sex marriage and homosexuality one way or another. Apparently the other way is through fear and intimidation which is why Randy Stephens of the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida is calling on members of the gay community to remain vigilant at all times and take steps to protect themselves.

With the recent successes we have had in the fight for equality, it is human nature to let down our guard,” he stated. “We must always be observant of our surroundings and always try to travel in groups. Orlando is still a safe city. We are hopeful that these culprits will be caught in short order and brought to justice. Until then increased vigilance among all members of the LGBT community is advised.

It is sad when any group of Americans must fear for their lives while walking down a street. It’s simply a tragic reality. The merchants of hate have done their best to strike fear in the hearts of Americans across the country in an effort to turn them against the LGBT community. Fortunately, their effort is failing as state after state is legalizing same-sex marriage and 70% of young people aged 18-30 support LGBT rights. But as these hateful people become more desperate to advance their anti-gay cause, we can expect more violence against homosexuals as gay rights continues to push forward to victory.