Fox News ‘Expert’ Says That Women Should Pay More For Healthcare Because They Have Breasts (VIDEO)

Marilyn Monroe with moneybags

Fox News women’s health ‘expert’ Dr. David Samadi sees having breasts and a uterus as a pre-existing condition. Don’t men have organs, too? Photo collage by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info.

One of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act is the “gender equality” requirement, a prohibition of “gender rating” for individuals and small businesses. As things stood before the ACA, health insurance providers would charge up to one and a half times more for women’s coverage. Part of that inequality included some carriers considering pregnancy to be a pre-existing condition. According to Dr. David Samadi, a “medical expert” who appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, that inequality was completely fair. Why? Because women have breasts. And ovaries. And a uterus. Well, thank you, Doctor Obvious.

Dr. Samadi did have one thing right. He pointed out that women tend to make the health decisions for their families. They bring in husbands and boyfriends and push fathers and brothers to go to the doctor. Gretchen Carlson interrupted and, surprisingly, made a lot of sense:

“Yeah, but shouldn’t that earn us a discount? Basic fact that we are responsible for getting our men to come to the doctor? And what about the fact that women, because they do all this preventative care, maybe their health issues end up costing less than men’s, who don’t go to the doctor until it’s a crisis and a big deal.”

Well yes, Dr. Samadi was forced to admit, then going on to point out that women live longer. That means that men use the healthcare system a lot less.

Then Brian Kilmeade piped up (you know it’s got to be good):

“In this case, it’s not equal. You have a better time on Earth than we do, you’re here a lot more. You have six years of heaven, where you just have no men around.”

Heaven? Only if men like Brian Kilmeade, who never engage their brains before opening their mouths, were not around.

Gretchen then commented that women are “blamed” for maternity costs but that men were equally responsible for making babies. That’s when Dr. Samadi dropped the dumb bomb:

“I agree with you that it’s a shared responsibility. But just the way the system are (sic) — in my field, we only have the prostate. Women have the breasts, they have the ovaries, they have the uterus. They get checked in every part.”

Now that we’ve had a female anatomy lesson, let’s have a male one: men have breasts. Just because they aren’t large and fully functional doesn’t matter. As any transgender patient knows, all it takes is a different hormonal chemistry to change that. Male breast tissue is exactly the same as female tissue, the main difference being that men don’t have as many of the milk-producing glands. But men get breast cancer at a rate of almost 2,240 new cases a year: about 410 deaths occur out of those. So, there goes that argument.

How about ovaries, those are specific to women, right? Technically, yes. But men have an analogous set of organs. Perhaps Dr. Samadi is familiar with testicles? I wonder if he understands that ovaries and testicles originate with the same tissue in the fetus. All fetuses start out as female – this is scientific fact.  The tissue can remain as it is and become ovaries or one gene can “flip” to create testicles (it’s a tad more complex than that but that works for our purposes). Just as ovaries can, testicles can become cancerous. About 8,000 men are diagnosed every year with testicular cancer. Early detection leads to 95% survival rates. But it is much easier for a man to discover a lump there than it is for a woman to detect an ovarian irregularity. This is why ovarian cancer is much more deadly.

As far as the uterus goes, Dr. Samadi is correct. However, men have another organ around that area that women do not have: the prostate. This little gland can get cancer as well as a condition known as BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – or enlarged prostate. This is common in older men and can be uncomfortable but is not deadly. It can be treated either with drugs or, cheaper and less toxically, with saw palmetto berries. Cancer of the prostate occurs in approximately 240,000 men every year, 29,800 of which will die from it. Like testicular cancer, the survivability is very high when caught early. The incidence of uterine cancer, on the other hand, is much lower: about 50,000 cases every year, with a mortality of about 8,000. It usually strikes older women, and is more deadly in black women. Overall, the survival rate is around 70%, quite a bit lower than with prostate cancer.

But an “expert” thinks that women should be forced to pay nearly double what men pay for medical insurance. Because we have the capacity for conceiving and bearing and feeding children, we should be paying $1 billion a year more than men. Dr. Samadi should know that there are as many places in their bodies where men can get sick as there are with women. When you factor in dangerous activities and sports, which men tend to be drawn to more than women, I would venture to say that it all evens out. As for women living longer… one expert on aging explained that it is mostly estrogen’s fault.

The upshot is that Fox News, yet again, supports misogyny (not to mention attacks Obamacare). Even when their token pretty blond tries to stand up against it, she is patted on the head by the men and belittled. I’m no fan of Gretchen Carlson, but when she stands up against the institutional misogyny that surrounds her, as she sometimes does, I get a glimmer of hope.

Here’s the video: