Guess Who’s Setting Up The GOP’s New Vote Rigging System?

No longer satisfied with the humble vote, the GOP has tapped Karl Rove to develop a system by which they can pick every winner. Bye Bye Tea Party. Election Fraud For Dummies, from

No longer satisfied with the humble vote, the GOP has tapped Karl Rove to develop a system by which they can pick every winner. Bye Bye Tea Party. Photo of “Election Rigging for Dummies” book parody from Sodahead.Com.

The GOP is not out of the election manipulation business yet. Despite the uncovering of Karl Rove’s attempt to hack the election by the hacker collective Anonymous, the Washington Examiner has unveiled how the Republican Party is building a digital network designed to rival, and surpass, Romney’s vote challenger system Orca. For those who do not remember, Orca was a centralized computer system which, on the surface, allowed for direct ties between the election headquarters and the poll challengers, using mobile apps. Orca was Romney’s attempt to out-do Obama’s election machine. As reported by Anonymous, Orca held a darker secret, and was set up to manipulate the election in a similar manner to what is theorized happened in 2004 with Ohio where a server went dead for 90 minutes in the middle of an election, and the tabulation miraculously flipped from John Kerry to George W. Bush.

This new system, being developed by former Facebook engineer Andy Barkett, the Republican National Committee’s chief technology officer, looks capable of allowing even more insidious poll and vote manipulation than ever before. The plan involves intrusive data scrubbing through detailed observation, using set-top boxes such as those provided by your cable provider to analyze viewing habits on an individual household level. It also scrubs social media to selectively target voters for advertising. Combining the two, the GOP is plotting on becoming Big Brother, and they plan on having it ready for a dry run for the 2014 elections, securing candidates which have the approval of the party bosses while eliminating competition, such as Tea Party wildcards who all but destroyed Mitt Romney’s chances in 2012 though comments such as “legitimate rape.”

How such a system would work is relatively simple. They can keep track of your viewing and browsing habits, seeing an individual or families likes and dislikes. Then they coordinate this data with advertisement centers, such as News Corp to target them specifically. Find out a person is anti-gun, they make sure pro-gun advertising and endorsements of candidates do not get distributed. Find out that same person loves kittens, new flyer arrives with the national parties chosen candidate holding a baby calico.

Then combine that level of detail with the vote challengers which the party has regularly employed. Now they can be incredibly selective of challenges, making sure that they only challenge the people who, through their media exposure, would be disinclined to vote for the parties chosen candidate. All through the vote challengers smartphone. This is direct, immediate, and ultimately the disenfranchisement undermines the goals of democracy itself.

To alleviate the fears that the national party will be manipulating or controlling the polling results and voter turnout, they have claimed to have turned over the keys to this system to a private company. However, basic research reveals that this private company, Data Trust, is not some independent group but instead is a group managed by Karl Rove. The same man who threw a fit on-air when his system failed to steal the election in 2012.

Karl Rove is preparing his next move, and this time it is no longer for a candidate, but for a nation. One nation under Rove. He is the kingmaker. And he has no love of the Tea Party. With this system in place expect a massacre of Tea Party candidates nationwide.

In a more broad view, this is part of a grander strategy by the national Republican Party to control elections, from the debates to the media. They have no room for libertarians, with this strategy ideal for eliminating any ideology not consistent with the party bosses. By combining the selective targeting with smartphone enabled vote challengers and electronic vote manipulation, the Republican Party have decided that they have nothing to lose by committing voter fraud. After all, it is the only way they will ever win another election.