Conservative Candidate Posts ‘Shoot The N****r’ Photo Of President Obama On Facebook (IMAGE & VIDEO)

Maine selectman candidate David Marsters

What’s worse? Calling President Obama the n-word? Or calling for his assassination? Maine Republican David Marsters has both bases covered. Photo of David Marsters, the Republican candidate for selectman in the town of Sabbatus, ME, by Daryn Slover for the Lewiston-Auburn [Maine] Sun Journal.

Yet another conservative has called for gun violence against President Obama, this time on Facebook, and surprise, David Marsters is an old white guy who insists he isn’t racist. That’s impossible to believe, of course, especially when you read what he posted.

In a post which has since been taken down, a Republican candidate for selectman in the town of Sabbatus, Maine posted a picture of President Obama that said “Shoot the n****r,” the Bangor Daily News reports. David Marsters made the outrageous post because he thinks the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will strip his sick wife, Mary, of health benefits. He refuses to apologize for his action and claims it isn’t a threat nor is it racist.

“(The Secret Service) didn’t see no pictures of Obama with bullet holes in his head,” Marsters said. “It’s not a threatening statement, in my opinion. People take it out of context as a threat.” He added, “I didn’t say I was going to shoot the president, or kill — shoot the n*****. Shoot the n***** — that’s what I said.” He insisted no threat was made because he didn’t say he or anyone else was going to do it. “I’m pissed off at the system, OK,” he said in an interview at his house Tuesday night. “We’re about to lose our benefits because of this ass****.””

Here’s a screenshot of David Marsters’ post:

Main selectman candidate David Marsters' facebook post calling President Barack Obama the N-word.

Sabbatus, ME selectman candidate David Marsters called President Barack Obama the n-word on his facebook page. Screenshot from TheConfirmationFiles.Com.

Marsters’ claim that Obamacare is going to kill his wife is a conservative myth that is meant to scare people into supporting Republicans who want to repeal it. According to ThinkProgress,

“The health care law, in fact, is good news for Marsters’ wife. If either did lose insurance, they would be able to purchase individual plans on the statewide market, while subsidies could help reduce the cost. And because of Obamacare, insurance companies cannot discriminate based on Mary or Marsters’ pre-existing conditions. Despite the vitriol surrounding the law, its individual provisions are actually quite popular among conservatives. Yet sometimes they only realize how Obamacare protects them when they or loved ones fall ill.”

It’s understandable that Marsters is upset. His wife has been in and out of the hospital and he fears for her life. But does that excuse his post on Facebook? Not only is the post a call to assassinate the leader of our nation, it uses a racial slur to refer to President Obama, who is the first African-American President. Conservatives have used racially charged language for years to deride Obama and his policies ever since the 2008 Election. How can anyone not see this post as a call to violence? Marsters doesn’t, but he doesn’t even think it’s racist. “I’m a forward man. I say what I mean,” Marsters told the Daily News, which doesn’t exactly help his case since ‘Shoot the n****r’ on an Obama photo is a very clear statement. In an attempt to defend himself from being labeled a racist, Marsters actually claimed that he would call former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney the n-word as well because according to him, “white people are n****rs too” in Massachusetts.

Something else that doesn’t help Marsters case is the fact that he’s also a birther.

On Facebook, Marsters claimed that President Obama “is not a legal president,” because his birth certificate is a fake.

“They’ve shown us how it’s done,” Marsters claims. “It’s all done in layers on computers. How come nobody from his school’s come forward to say, ‘Oh, I know him.’ How come people from his family never say, ‘I know him. I went to his wedding; I was his best man?”

Again, this is yet another conservative theme that has been around since the 2008 Election. Because President Obama is black and has a strange sounding name, conservatives believe he’s a secret foreigner who somehow orchestrated his birth in Hawaii to someday become the leader of the free world. But this conservative belief refuses to die even though President Obama has released his long form birth certificate, which even made Donald Trump shut up about it. But make no mistake, unlike conservative hero Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, President Obama was born in the USA and birthers have no evidence to stand on.

It seems Marsters is part of the kool-aid drinking crowd of Fox News viewers who buy into whatever fear and hate mongering talking point they are peddling on a day to day basis. And because of that fear and hate, many conservatives have resorted to making threats of violence and hurling racist epithets in an effort to get their own way.

“I fought 30 years for this f*****’ country,” David Marsters claims. “I’m not gonna let him (Obama) take it away!” In other words, Marsters wants someone to shoot President Obama. It would be a dream come true for most conservatives. Nevertheless, such behavior is unacceptable, especially coming from a candidate for political office. As a former police officer, Marsters should know better than to advocate for gun violence, which has been plaguing the nation. He’s just another old white racist who doesn’t belong in public service, but he certainly belongs to the Republican Party. The question is, will any Republicans condemn this?

Here’s a video of the story via Raw Story: