Florida Church Expels Boy Scout Troop Because Of National Policy Allowing Gay Scouts


After six long decades of sponsoring the local boy scout troop, a church in Tampa has made the decision to evict them over the new national scout policy that allows openly gay scouts to participate.

According to LGBTQ Nation, Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church officially cut ties with Troop 4 this week via letter.

The church cited the new Boy Scouts of America policy that allows homosexuals to participate in the organization. That particular policy was passed in May by an overwhelming 61% of the 1,400 Boy Scout delegates who voted on the measure in Texas. It’s unclear why the religious body waited so long to make this decision, but with the loss of their chief sponsor for the last 60 years, the scouts of Troop 4 won’t have a place to go until a new sponsor is found.

The Tampa Tribune reports that the letter said,

“The BSA in changing its policy about sexual orientation has jettisoned the God-breathed Scriptures as the proper standard by which ethical matters, generally and sexual ethics specifically, are to be settled. Again, we underscore our grief at the decisions made by the BSA which have led to this point.”

About 120 boys will be displaced because of the decision and the Troop 4 is now forced to find a new sponsor and chartering organization.

This isn’t the first time that a church has discriminated against people and policies that do not discriminate against homosexuals. In Tennessee, a church expelled an entire family because they refused to abandon their lesbian daughter. Three generations of the Cooper family had been active members of the church for 60 years before being kicked out just because they love their child.

This behavior from churches is definitely becoming a pattern these days, even though such hatred is completely un-Christian. One institution that seems to be softening its stance on homosexuality is the Catholic Church. Pope Francis officially put the brakes on hating homosexuals back in July by saying that we shouldn’t judge or marginalize people because they are gay. So, it looks like the Catholic Church is actually being more Christian than the supposed ‘Christian’ churches here in the United States.

The worst part about this situation is that the church is punishing kids over a policy they had no control over. And it shouldn’t matter anyway because no one should ever be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. If churches actually followed the true word of Christ, they wouldn’t discriminate against anyone. Jesus said we should love everyone, especially children. He said nothing about hating people because of who they are. Conservative Christians no longer have a right to whine about how people are abandoning religion. After all, how can people have enough faith to attend church when they constantly have to live in fear that their church will one day persecute them?