Phony Martyrdom Claim: Not Being Allowed To Discriminate Will Force ‘Christians’ To Starve To Death

anti-gay ex-navy chaplain Klingenschmitt

Will not discriminating against gays really cause Christian business owners to starve or go bankrupt? Radio host Gordon Klingenschmitt thinks so. Photo from

Do you remember Dr. “Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt? He’s the ex-Navy Chaplain who started a project called Pray In Jesus Name. Sure you do! He signed that letter back in June, the one in which he and his buddies threatened to hold their breath if DOMA was overturned. Oh, if only! But no, Klingenschmitt keeps embarrassing actual Christianity with appearances on The Ed Show and telling Christian wedding photographers to write scripture on their client’s photos on his nominal radio program.

Now his target is the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA). According to Klingenschmitt, this “demonically-inspired” bill will cause Christians to choose between starving to death and obeying their God. Boy, he loves hyperbole, doesn’t he? All the better to scare his flock – what is that the Bible says about wolves in sheep’s clothing? I think we have one right here. Check this out and tell me if it doesn’t sound like howling:

“If ENDA becomes law, Christians will be bankrupted in all 50 states, ordered to choose between obedience to God (refusing to participate in sin) and remaining in business. The First Amendment guarantees our freedom from such burden. The Government is now ordering you: Forsake God or starve to death. I pray that I would choose bankruptcy, starvation, even death, before disobedience to God.”

Oh my, the pseudo-Christian capacity for victimhood is, apparently, endless. As we have said many times, myself in particular: it is not religious discrimination simply because you aren’t getting your own way. Stomp your feet and hold your breath all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that, in this country, your desires do not trump everyone else. There is nothing in the ENDA that requires any religious organization to hire LGBT employees. And there is nothing in the free market that denies business to anyone based on religion. Remember the Free Market? The thing that all conservatives worship instead of God? Well, except for money, of course but the two do go hand-in-hand. Gosh, didn’t the Bible say something about that, too?

Let’s take, for example, the wedding photographers Klingenschmitt has been using lately to flog his victimhood:

“Two Christian photographers have no religious rights and must participate in homosexual “wedding” ceremonies or face big fines, penalties, and bankruptcy, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled. The unanimous verdict was written by one justice who wrote the photographers were “compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives,” reports Fox News. Compelled to disobey God? By whom? Who has more authority than God?”

Well, here in America that would be a paper we call the Constitution. But let’s examine this claim that photographers like this will be “bankrupted.” According to the CDC, who keeps these statistics, there are almost 2.1 million weddings every year in the United States. Of those, approximately 600,000 are now between same-sex couples. That leaves about 1.5 million weddings every year that Christian photographers can work and still not insult their version of God. In 2012, wedding photographers made an average of $2,379 for shooting a wedding and reception. If a good photographer works three weddings a month that’s about $7,000, or about $85,000 a year. Okay, that’s not enough to put one in the top 2% but it’s certainly not starvation wages. If one is a very good photographer, there’s no reason that salary couldn’t be higher.

But, rather than consider that the holy free market would betray them, pseudo-Christians like Klingenschmitt find something else to blame. And, right now, that scapegoat is “the gay.” Poor, put-upon bigots, they simply can’t seem to understand how America’s laws work. So they project and reflect and make themselves miserable with ridiculous scenarios of being downtrodden and mistreated. Oh, boo hoo.

Here’s an idea, Sparky: market yourself to other Christians. Let Christian businesses cater to Christian consumers. Nobody is making you accept photography assignments. It’s not like having a public storefront where you must serve everyone. A photographer – or any analogous occupation – can pick and choose assignments. If you’re good, you will have plenty of offers. If you’re not… well, the market has spoken, right? Besides, if pseudo-Christians are in danger of starving, real Christians will see to it that doesn’t happen. Because they understand what Jesus said about feeding the hungry. And they place more importance on helping those who need it than on whining about not being able to persecute people they don’t like.

Klingenschmitt haz a sad that their friends in Washington, D.C. can’t help, either:

“Friends, I cannot believe Republicans are allowing this. Our good conservative friends in Congress are so discouraged on Capitol Hill, especially after the bad Supreme Court decision to homosexualize ‘marriage,’ and Democrats are pushing radical change faster than we can oppose it.”

Well, duh. That’s the idea. We would like to move the whole country into the 21st century. Even if they whine and pout all the way. Because it’s the right thing to do.