No Rest For The Wicked: Tucker Carlson Falls Asleep Live On Fox And Friends (VIDEO)


Are you ever bored by watching Fox News? Does the hum-drum droning of Republican talking points and spin make you yawn with exhaustion over the “Fair And Balanced” approach to their single-sided, mentally imbalanced reporting?

Well, apparently it did Tucker Carlson. On Saturday morning’s edition of “Fox and Friends” Tucker Carlson literally got caught napping on the job. His excuse was that he had to guest host the previous night’s edition of “Hannity”. When awakened by his co-hosts (laughing at you, not with you) he stretched and was greeted with “Good to see ya. Welcome to Fox and Friends” at which point Carlson responded, ” I know we’re not on television so it doesn’t bother me.” As Tucker seemed to regain focus, and his bearings, I’m sure the little red light on the cameras triggered the question he asked next, “Are we live? Is this honestly live?”

Yes Tucker, this is live. Millions of television viewers (the thought boggles my mind) just watched you rise from sleep. I wonder if he has union protection to help explain why he was caught sleeping on the job.

You do the math. If Hannity airs from 9-10 pm est. and Fox and Friends begins at 6am est. and the clock in the bottom left of the video shows he was asleep at 7:35 am est. How many hours does it take to get a conservative’s nights sleep?

He’d been on air for an hour and a half. And while he says the previous night’s show ran long and if you take into account commute time and prep time for the a.m. show it’s easy to see that poor Tucker couldn’t have gotten more than 4 or 5 hours of slumber.

“In the 15 years of this program, I don’t think that’s ever happened,” said co-host Mike Jerrick. That may be factually accurate but it’s not the first time Fox News has been caught napping. On that note I’d have to say that sleep deprivation could be one valid excuse for why Fox and their friends, dreaming of profit margins, right-wing agendas and new world order domination, is really nothing more than asleep at the wheel. Check out the video. It’s funnier than cats chasing a laser pointer.

Watch Tucker Carlson enjoying his nap for yourself here: