Racist Nut Job Claims Jews Coined Words ‘Gay’ And ‘White Supremacist’ To Oppress Whites (VIDEO)

61-year-old white supremacist Craig Cobb is buying up homes in economically depressed Leith, ND to sell to other white supremacists.

We’re just waiting for the Jews to invent a word for racist lunatics like Craig Cobb who try to take over an entire town – like THIS guy. Photo from www.huffingtonpost.co.uk.

On September 4th, 2013 white supremacist Craig Paul Cobb appeared on the David Pakman show. During the interview, Cobb was asked why he doesn’t return to Canada, to face prosecution for the hate crimes which he is charged with in that country. While Cobb told Pakman he did plan to return to Canada to face those charges when he’s “90 or 100 or so,” while also explaining that the term “white supremacist,” just like the word “gay” was invented by the Jews to suppress whites.

“And just like ‘gay’ and so many other terms, these are terms devised by Jews to oppress whites.”

When asked to give a justification for that statement, or to explain which Jews at what point in history invented the word “gay,” as means of suppressing whites, Cobb was unable to do so. He said he couldn’t give an exact etymology of the word, but still alleges that the statement is true. The statement itself makes little sense, unless you realize that the word white, in Cobb mind, has little to do with skin color. In fact, the term “non-white” seems to apply to Jews and gays equally, whether their skin is white or not.

Cobb, who is currently wanted in Canada for hate crimes, appears to have moved to the US, where freedom of religion laws allow him to legally practice his hate.  According to an August 2013 article from Canada’s National Post:

“Cobb, 62, was arrested in June 2010 for allegedly promoting hatred through his website Podblanc. He was released from custody and fled Canada before he was charged in December 2010 with wilful promotion of hatred. Cobb holds dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S.”

White supremacy was enshrined as a religion in and of itself in the 1970’s, when it was given the name the “Creativity Religion.

“Creativity is a nontheistic, ethnocentric religion founded in Lighthouse Point, Florida in 1973 by Ben Klassen upon publishing his racial manifesto Nature’s Eternal Religion. He further expounded his religious ideology in books such as The White Man’s Bible, and Salubrious Living.

Creativity is known for being “anti-Semitic, racist and… anti-Christian.” Ben Klassen described the organizational structure of the Church of the Creator as “monolithic and… authoritarian” although the Anti-Defamation League noted an apparent hierarchy in the religion. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies its ideology as Neo-Nazi.”

Cobb, who has been buying up property in Leith, North Dakota, reselling it to others who share his racist views, has plans to create an all white community there. While he states that  his “religious” group is a non-militant one, not far away from the town of Leith, where Cobb is trying to establish his community, a man has been selling firearms out of the back of an auto-parts store, offering discounts to white supremists.

Cobb views on what makes someone “white” apparently have little to do with skin color. In his interview with Pakman, which runs less than nine minutes, Cobb expressed hate for gays, Jews, Arabs and all other minority groups, saying that “it’s supremacist for the government to test it’s social theories on unwilling human subjects.”

According to the Bismark Tribune, the small town of Leith only has a population of 19, one of the things which most likely attracted the supremacists, who are intent on taking it over. It’s interesting to note that Cobb’s idea of the government “testing it’s social theories on unwilling human subjects” have blinded him to the fact that the current residents of Leith are strongly opposed to Cobb testing his social theories on them. On August 22nd, the Tribune interviewed current residents of Leith Bobby and Sherrill Harper, a mixed race couple who have lived in the town for several years. The Harpers spoke about how they feel living in a town now targeted by white supremacists:

“Harper said she and her husband were vilified in a white activism Internet site, http://stormfront.org/, as a result of the Tribune story, with one writer saying, “a … race-mixing white woman like her has no place in a White nation.”

She also told the Tribune that she had learned a lot about extreme racism in just a few days.

Cobb has a list of justifications for his extremist views, some of which he provides during the interview with David Pakman. Aside from his claim that Jews invented the word gay to keep white people down, and his claim that white separatism is religion, he also refers to violence which took place nearly a century ago, and if that wasn’t enough, he managed to tie it all to the fact that there’s “no difference between Republicans and Democrats.” At one point Cobb actually alleges that Jews “control” the top ten law universities in the US, citing this as a modern day justification for his hatred of them.

While not a single one of Cobb “beliefs” holds up to even the smallest bit of scrutiny, he contends that his views are not based on hate. He says that he’s a separatist, which is somehow different from a supremacist. He goes on to state that his religion doesn’t want to lord over other races or groups, it just doesn’t want to live with them. In spite of all his talk, it’s blatantly obvious that Cobb’s views are not benign. His intention is clearly to use hate to “cleanse” the town of Leith, thereby driving out everyone that doesn’t fit his definition of “white.” In order to fulfill his twisted dreams of creating this all white community, he would also have to use the same hate to keep out any new residents, who don’t fit with that definition.

Here’s the video: