Texas Company Advertises With Realistic Decal Of Woman Appearing To Be Abducted And Tied Up (IMAGE)


The people of Waco, Texas are understandably outraged after seeing what they believed to be a woman hog-tied and lying in the back of a pick-up truck, appearing to have been abducted. Concerned and frightened citizens raised the alarm as the truck was spotted in traffic. Police were called, but there wasn’t a victim in the truck at all. Instead, what people believed they saw turned out to be a decal plastered on the tailgate of the truck for marketing company Hornet Signs.

The company actually photographed a female employee who agreed to lay down in the back of a truck and be tied up. It’s apparently a test to see whether the company could make realistic decals and wraps for vehicles.

According to KTEM, the decal “creates an optical illusion convincing viewers that a young woman’s hands and feet are bound by rope as she lies helpless in the bed of the truck.”

Brad Kolb, the owner of Hornet Signs, doesn’t seem to understand why reaction is so strong.

“I wasn’t expecting the reactions that we got. Nor was it anything we condone or anything else, but it was just something more or less that we just had to put out there and see who notices it.”

Here’s the video via Raw Story:

Seriously? This marketing firm takes a picture of a woman hog-tied in the back of a truck, and places it purposefully on the tailgate to make people think it’s real and they don’t see the problem with that image immediately? What kind of a marketing firm could make such a bad call at a time when violence against women and rape culture has been so highlighted in this country? It’s just hard to believe that this company didn’t know exactly what they were doing. If they really don’t condone such an image, they could have chosen any other image to put on a decal. It could have been a dog or sports equipment or anything else that won’t cause panic on the highway and be totally disrespectful of women. But they didn’t. They used this specific image, which calls into question whether or not Kolb is sincere when he claims not to condone hog-tying women and throwing them in the back of pick-up trucks.

Of course, we are talking about Texas, a state where women haven’t exactly been treated with respect over the years.

But alas, this marketing firm got exactly what it wanted. The decal, as disgusting as it sounds, actually drove customers to order decals and wraps at Hornet Signs. Apparently there are sick people out there who enjoy such advertisements, which only causes more damage in a society that already has anti-women attitudes. Any business who chooses to advertise in this way should be put out of business. We shouldn’t respond to this company by going out and buying their products. Doing so only encourages this kind of behavior from this business and others. Violence toward women is a major issue in this country, and it will only get worse when these kinds of actions are rewarded rather than punished.