George Zimmerman Taken Into Custody After Allegedly Threatening Wife With Gun (911 AUDIO)


George Zimmerman just can’t seem to stay out of the news, or out of trouble. One would think that after literally getting away with murder, he’d want a nice, quiet life. That does not seem to be the case, though. Zimmerman has apparently been taken into police custody after- surprise, surprise- an altercation involving a gun.

Lake Mary, Florida police say they were called to a home on Sprucewood Road Monday afternoon because of an apparent altercation involving threats and a firearm. George Zimmerman was one of the involved parties. What is even more interesting is that, according to public records, the house in question is owned by David and Machelle Dean. The last name matches that of Zimmerman’s wife, who recently filed for divorce and did a television interview in which she discussed her relationship with George Zimmerman.

Zach Hudson, a spokesman for Lake Mary Police, says that the authorities are “trying to determine exactly what happened.”

Here’s the audio of the 911 call:

Now, this is only speculation, but I think I can come up for a reasonable explanation. George Zimmerman is a control freak, as was shown throughout the accounts of his trial in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin. Said control freak’s wife has left him and has filed for divorce. He wants his wife back. She is likely staying with her parents, and he knew this. He went up there, determined to drag her back home like cavemen who think they own their wives tend to do. When things didn’t go the way he thought they would, he pulled a gun and started hurling threats, at which time the cops were called.

Now, of course, once again, this is only speculation on my part, but, knowing what we know of this guy, it seems pretty reasonable to me. All of that aside, though, it should be no surprise that Zimmerman is at odds with the law again. After all, we all saw what a hothead he was while watching the Trayvon Martin trial unfold. Justice may not have prevailed there, but it will at some point, because Zimmerman’s hot head just will not let him stay out of trouble. It is only a matter of time. Stay tuned for more on this story.