Instead Of Standing By Their Employee, Red Lobster Suspends Waitress Who Received ‘None N****r’ As A Tip

racist receipt
Red Lobster might really be in trouble this time. We just reported on how a waitress, Tori Christina Jenkins, received ‘None, N****r’ instead of a tip this past weekend from racist customers at the Franklin, TN Red Lobster where she works. Now, instead of standing behind Jenkins, Red Lobster has suspended her, citing a violation of company policy as the reason.

A spokesman for Red Lobster, Mike Bernstein, said in an email to the Huffington Post  that suspension with pay is “standard procedure” when company policy is violated. In this case, the violation would be publicly posting a receipt, which Jenkins’ father did, on Facebook, Sunday night, with a status message saying “that we still have much ignorance to overcome.”