Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate’s Ad Is Viral Sensation (VIDEO)

Jeff Wagner for Mayor of Minneapolis

Even if this Democratic mayoral candidate doesn’t win, this is definitely the best campaign ad ever. Photo screen captured from the Jeff Wagner for Mayor of Minneapolis, MN campaign video.

Jeff Wagner is running for mayor of Minneapolis, one of almost three dozen candidates for that office. But Mr. Wagner has caught the attention of more than just the residents of that Minneapolis city. His campaign video has gone viral because… well, watch for yourself.

Here’s the video:


The candidate from the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party has made quite an impression with his video, which features him in his underwear. After a rather lame set-up by a woman musing aloud that she’d like “a Minneapolis mayor that really represents the people,” Wagner emerges from the nearby lake. Speaking directly to the camera, Wagner makes his case:

“Over a million dollars is going to be spent to become the mayor of Minneapolis, a hundred thousand dollar a year job… You’re not the ones deciding who you vote for. The media and the money is… I’m cool with making $100,000 a year. I will not take money from the developers, I will not take money from the political angle, I will not even go the strip clubs — anymore! Wake the f*ck up!”

Makes you wonder about the strip clubs and how often Wagner goes to them. After taking a cup of coffee from the woman off-screen, Wagner wades back into the lake.

The video was touted on Wagner’s Facebook page the day before it was released, with the candidate assuring that it would be “earth-shaking.” His page describes him as the “main dude” for an addiction recovery app and his Twitter page says that he was “born to make music video programming for pot smokers and beer drinkers…” In the real world, Wagner works at the Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport as a luggage handler, a job he assures us he does “gently.”

The City Pages Blog spoke with Wagner by phone on Friday. The candidate said that he’s not a politician, he just wants to change things. Things like a local streetcar proposal, air conditioning for schools and the ongoing lock-out of the city’s orchestra. When asked about the ad, Wagner explained:

“The metaphor is, I’m protecting the Minneapolis lakes from the sharks. I look at the residents as the water, and the sharks are the corrupt others. They’re everywhere.”

Even if Wagner doesn’t win the election, he has certainly made a big splash on the Internet, with many people (including me) calling his video the best political ad ever. It certainly is one of the most entertaining. When asked what he would do if he wins the election, Wagner laid it out:

“I’m a single guy. If I do win by some kind of computer glitch, my goal is to be Minneapolis’s most eligible bachelor.”

Hear that, ladies? And he won’t even go to those strip clubs. Wake the f*ck up!