Russian Bullies Video Brutal Attack And Rape Of Gay Man At Gunpoint While The American Right Cheers Them On

A disturbing image from the video via The New Civil Rights Movement:

A disturbing image from the video via The New Civil Rights Movement:

The violence against homosexuals in Russia continues, much to the delight of anti-gay conservatives here in America, and on September 11th, yet another brutal act was carried out on a gay person in the wake of new anti-gay laws in that nation.

While Americans were busy honoring the thousands who perished 12 years ago on Wednesday, a group of Russian vigilantes lured a gay man out on what he believed would be a “date,” then viciously attacked and raped him at gunpoint just for being gay.

According to Radio Free Europe, the unidentified man “is asked to identify himself and is stripped of his clothes, which are later burned. He is then handcuffed, beaten, insulted, and threatened with a gun. Ultimately, he is forced to sodomize himself by sitting on a bottle, which is then pushed with a bat. The man, visibly terrified, weeps throughout much of the ordeal.”

All of this was apparently recorded and uploaded to social media on an app called WhatsApp, and most of the app users disgustingly applaud the inhumanity of these bullies.

A source who claims to have taken part in the brutality told RFE/RL that “We made him sit on a bottle so that he repents for his sins and comes to reason.”

This act of violence occurs as part of a wave of violence and hatred that has erupted across Russia since the country passed anti-gay laws earlier this year. Russian authorities have been arresting gay people and government officials are threatening to arrest gay tourists and Olympic athletes as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games inches ever closer.

As troubling as the events in Russia are, it is perhaps even more concerning how anti-gay conservatives here at home are cheering for Russian President Putin and the policies he is putting in place to terrorize the LGBT community.

American Family Association spokesman and radio host Bryan Fischer has openly praised Russia’s anti-gay policies and has admitted on the air that conservatives want the US Government to be just as hostile towards gays and lesbians. Pat Buchanan has echoed Fischer and right-wing media boss Matt Drudge has declared Putin the “new leader of the free world.” In addition, six conservative groups have endorsed Russia’s anti-gay policies.

Violence against gays and lesbians isn’t nearly as common in America as it is in Russia but it does happen. In Florida, a woman was raped by some anti-gay men after she walked out of a club in Orlando. They were punishing her for being a lesbian.

Will conservatives condemn the violence being perpetrated against the LGBT community, or is this also the kind of action they want to see happen in America? Clearly, conservatives want America to be more like Russia. So it is fair to assume they also want a wave of violence to occur here as well. Such policies and brutal acts run completely contrary to the Constitution, a document that conservatives would shred to achieve their anti-gay agenda. The Constitution is the law of the land, but conservatives would institute their own interpretation of Biblical law across the nation. It’s totally anti-American and would turn America into a frightening place to live. Do we really want to live in a nation that values hatred and brutality like Russia, a country that until recently conservative referred to as an enemy of the Unites States? Or do we want to live in peace under the Constitution where everyone is protected equally under the law and consenting adults can love whomever they please? The choice is up to us.