Right-Wing Extremist With AR-15 And 11,000 Rounds Of Ammo Arrested For Assassination Threat

Nicholas D. Savino. The newest in a series of Obama assassination threats is fear evoking, but with modern day extremist ideologies, should we be surprised when this occurs?

The newest in a series of Obama assassination threats is fear evoking, but with modern day extremist ideologies, should we be surprised when this occurs?

A Pennsylvania man is facing serious federal charges after allegedly sending threatening emails to President Obama. Nicholas D. Savino, a 42 year old man out of Clarks Summit, is currently calling the Lackawanna County Prison home while being held without bail at least until his arraignment on September 18.

Obama assassination threats are nothing new. In fact, a young girl was actually investigated after posting to Twitter that someone should assassinate the president in 2012. The emailed threat from Savino, however, takes on a much more sinister nature. The fact that he was trying to get a pilot’s license, which may be unrelated, adds an even scarier aspect to this story. It’s reported that the email to the White House simply read:

President Obama is the Anti-Christ. As a result of breaking the constitution you will stand down or be shot dead. This will be sent to militias throughout the country and the media. Nick Savino.

Savino is safely behind bars on charges of threatening the President’s life and sending threatening communications via interstate commerce, but this type of threat should be taken very seriously. Militia groups are some of the most unpredictable groups out there, and this fact has barely had time to recede from our memory since the 2012 murders of a couple who were considered “loose ends” in a Georgia militia group’s plans to take over the country and assassinate President Obama.

In addition, Savino, who was arrested just one day day before a visit from President Obama to Scranton, a town mere minutes from Savino’s home, was hit with a search warrant which turned up one loaded AR-15, an additional unnamed weapon, a long-range shooting scope and instructions on how to use it, and 11,000 rounds of ammunition. If the potential close proximity to the president combined with this man’s threats and supplies isn’t enough to scare someone, there’s something very wrong.

Sadly, these types of threats seem to occur nonstop since President Obama has taken office. An irrational fear that the government is going to come “take our guns” or that Obama is the antichrist, which was stated by Savino in his email and even by former funny lady Victoria Jackson on her website in 2008, is leading to these very real and potentially deadly threats on our president’s life.

Until the underlying fear, whether it be fear of the unknown or outright racism, is quelled and extremists with insane conspiratorial ideas start to take their meds, this will continue being an issue. With individuals like Savino out there, who was already under a watchful eye after making threats in Oklahoma, it’s easy to understand just how right-wing extremism makes the Secret Service essential in these trying times.