Birther Lawyer Still Calling For Armed Revolution Against ‘Mullah-In-Chief’

Birther photo meme of President Barack Obama  implying that he's a muslim and hence a terrorist and a traitor.

Larry Klayman’s newest piece, titled “Obama, come out with your hands up’ reveals how paranoid and delusional he is, as he he calls for out and out treason. The above birther photo-meme has been circulating the Internet.

Just when you think the Birther movement is dead, it rears its ugly head, clinging to even more extreme ideas than before. Larry Klayman of the very misnamed FreedomWatch, has released a piece titled “Obama, come out with your hands up” where he calls for armed insurrection and to send Obama to ’72 Virgins’ (a reference to the common misperception that dutiful Muslims will be rewarded with 72 virgins upon their death). In other words, Mr. Klayman is calling for a mob to lynch the president, because his earlier calls for an armed insurrection failed miserably.
His call is for this lynch mob to rally at a date “before Thanksgiving” to chant, “Mr. President (to use the term loosely), put the Quran down, get up off your knees and come out with your hands up!” To Mr. Klayman, it is a grand conspiracy of epic proportions. he rails against everyone, claiming every judge in the country is against him except for a few, he names Justice Royce Lamberth, and that the law is on his side. Truth is, Justice Lamberth already rejected the Birther claims, shooting his argument in the foot. Even his claimed “right judge” has destroyed his basic argument.

He, along with other insane birthers do not comprehend that the reason why their court claims have been thrown out is that they have no merit. They are so convinced that this is some widespread conspiracy that they are completely unable to grasp reality. But, to defend themselves against what Mr. Klayman calls the “mullah-in-chief” the birthers have resorted to out and out treason, and attempted to form a shadow government.

One of Mr. Klayman’s acts was to set up what he calls a “Citizens Grand Jury,” claiming that these juries have authority and power. In fact, the only person who can call for a citizens grand jury are judges of the correct court level. For Mr. Klayman to have called for a citizens grand jury, he would have needed a sign-off by the United States Supreme Court. He has not gotten such a sign-off, so his jury is completely fraudulent. It did draw headlines last year for claiming to have indicted the president.

This effort, part of the larger Sovereign Citizens domestic terrorist network seeks nothing short of the destruction of the US Constitution, the deposing of democracy, and the imposition of dictatorship. They hate the rule of law, they want the imposition of rules, rules they set. They wrap themselves in the American flag while they seek to destroy the United States. They are traitors to the founding fathers, traitors to America itself, engaging in Stochastic Terrorism to bring down the country which has given so much to them.

For a reminder, the definition of Stochastic Terrorism:

The use of mass communications or social media to incite individuals not directly tied to the source to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.

Larry Klayman does not need to tell his followers “go and kill President Obama.” He just needs to implant the idea, by referencing common framework. The president is not “The President” he is the “Mullah-In-Chief.” Instead of impeachment, he calls to send President Obama to “72 Virgins.” And he just has to wait for the seed he plants to blossom, all while claiming innocence over the results of his actions.

Of course, Larry Klayman fails to mention the times he sexually abused his children or how he damaged his former employer and held an affair with a staffer at his office. His numerous frivolous lawsuits were dismissed. Of course, that was the judges at fault, not Mr. Klayman, right? It was his former employer’s fault, his children’s fault. Everybody’s fault but his own.

And it extends beyond himself. Fertilizer plant explosion? To Mr. Klayman, its not the result of unsafe conditions and lack of regulations, but it has to be Muslims. Arizona Sheriff breaking the law? No, its those darn brown people at fault. US Drone shot down by Iran? Nope, it was a gift.

Larry Klayman is a worm of a human being, seeking to destroy the United States rather than face the reality of his own failings. He failed as a husband, a father, a lawyer, and to be a decent human being. Now he would rather burn down the United States than face the truth, that he is wrong.