Native Americans Tell Racist, White Supremacists To Go Home (VIDEO)

Photo by Michael Pugliese via PoliticalBlindSpot.Com

A racist and his scary white supremacist friends are plotting to take over a small, North Dakota town. Now, the community is fighting back. Photo by Michael Pugliese via PoliticalBlindSpot.Com

Anti-Hate and Native American groups rally against racist takeover

In August, people from Leith, North Dakota were shocked to discover a white supremacist plot to take over their tiny town. Addicting Info‘s Abby Miller reported that Craig Cobb — a known racist wanted in Canada for promoting hate propaganda —  was buying up properties, selling them to his fellow racists for “next to nothing,” and donating them to the National Socialist Movement and other hate groups. Now, the townspeople are fighting back with help from local Native American groups,  a Web-savvy local, and supporters from in and around Grant County.

Unity North Dakota reports that 300 turned out to march through town and pay a visit to Cobb’s house on Sunday, September 22. That’s more than the town’s population of 16 (as of the 2010 census) plus whatever neo-Nazi first-time home buyers might be lurking around. Political Blind Spot adds that UnityND and various Native American activists organized the rally and a caravan for supporters from neighboring towns. To honor the occasion — or perhaps just to make Craig Cobb and his li’l band of racists freak out — some Native American protesters showed up in full tribal dress.

White supremacist Craig Cobb

The racist next door: Craig Cobb. 300 protesters gathered in Leith, ND to march through town and protest in front of Cobb’s house. Photo from

“Our children deserve a life without bigots” … like Craig Cobb

UnityND told reporters that the purpose of the rally was to “prevent white supremacists from terrorizing  North Dakota […] because our children deserve a life without bigots.”

A video report from U.S. Nationalist News shows an indignant protester with a megaphone standing in from of Cobb’s house shouting:

“If you think we’re gonna let you come into our territory and threaten our children, you got another think coming!”

The influential Lakota tribe’s Last Real Indians blogger Chase Iron Eyes matter-of-factly adds:

“This isn’t a black thing, this isn’t a white thing, this isn’t a red thing, this is a hate thing and a respect thing.”

U.S. Nationalist News also mentions that Leith, ND’s plight has “gone viral,” (In those parts, “viral” means around 6,000 page views, but what the hey, that’s a lot of visits for such a sparsely populated area), and introduces us to the man behind it all: A Web-savvy consultant from the nearby town of Leipzig named Gregory Bruce. He developed a homespun Leith, ND website and facebook page to garner support:

“I’ll post a lot of the photographs, and there’ll be no captions on them so people around the world can see what went on here today.”

He adds that the site will remain neutral on the issue (though it does have a link to a legal defense fund):

“[The town of Leith] wanted a defensive position to take to show people that they’re normal North Dakotan. I won’t slant it one way or the other.”

Bruce’s neutral stance, plus the blurring of his face in the video footage might have something to do with not wanting to recognized on the street by Cobb and his scary friends.

Here’s the video:


Jeff Schoep and his neo-Nazis carpetbaggers? There goes the neighborhood

The people in and around Leith — particularly the town’s lone black resident — definitely have reason to feel scared. According to the  Indian Country Media Today Network, Cobb isn’t just some random racist nutcase. He’s a specific racist nutcase with ties to some biggest Kahunas in the white supremacist and neo-Nazi worlds. And these folks are dead serious about taking over the town — and all of its public infrastructure — and creating an all-white enclave. Because the area is so economically depressed, Cobb has been able to snap up 13 properties for a song so far (including a vacant lot for only $500). He has also been actively promoting Leith, ND to his fellow racists on white supremacist sites as an ideal place to live.

More ominously, Cobb proclaims himself “grateful” for the support of Jeff Schoep, the Grand Wizard  “commander” of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) who announced via video that:

“Our trip to Leith is a gesture of goodwill as we plant the seeds of National Socialism in North Dakota.”

The video then reportedly segues to “orchestral music” and the tramp of marching boots, followed by NSM’s motto “Putting Family, Race and Nation First while Fighting to Secure American Jobs, Manufacturing & Innovation,” and the obligatory whining about white people being persecuted.

National Socialist movement

Oh, crap, there goes the neighborhood!

The rally concluded as representatives from both sides attended a town meeting, where, strangely, someone from the neo-Nazi group was playing the bag pipes. We wish we had the video footage for that, since you don’t get to watch a neo-Nazi playing on the bag pipes — in a townhall meeting full of Native Americans in full regalia, no less — every day.

In the meantime, we’ve got early interview with Bobby Harper, Leith’s only black resident, and his wife Sherrill. Obviously, they’ve got some serious concerns. Here’s the video:


How you can help Leith, NDʼs non-racist population

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