Racist’s Hope For Whites-Only Town Goes To Shit When Septic System Fails

Leith, ND's resident racist Craig Cobb's septic system has failed. Photo from kxnet.com

Here’s more bad news for Leith, ND’s resident racist Paul Craig Cobb. His septic system and his dreams of a whites only paradise are both full of shit.

This week has been filled with bad news for white supremacist Paul Craig Cobb. It appears that his hope for a whites-only paradise in Leith North Dakota is full of shit.

We are not speaking in metaphor here. According to the Bismark Tribune, the town is in the process of foreclosing on his property after he failed to maintain it, citing its lack of sewer access. It appears that he has been using bottled water for bathing and basic sanitation, utilizing an outhouse on his property for waste.

They have given him time to fix up his various properties, but should he fail to do the necessary renovations, they will condemn his houses, the very houses he was encouraging white supremacists to move into.

This comes after a Native Americans descended on the town this past weekend to protest the planned racist enclave. That protest resulted in an amusing incident involving Neo-Nazi’s playing bagpipes facing natives in full regalia.

The growing problem of neo-Nazi groups worldwide is of high concern. Fueled by austerity measures, this new movement is one of global reach. It was earlier this year that the Greek “Golden Dawn” neo-Nazi group opened an office in New York as it were.

This global neo-Nazi resurgence has come paired with political assassinations. Utilizing Stochastic Terrorism, a technique of describing the desired result without ever asking any particular person to perform the act, they can get an army of lone wolf assassins ready to execute their orders, and their enemies. They do this as marionettes, dancing on the strings of their puppet masters, corrupt billionaires who seek to turn the United States into their personal feudal state.

It would be easy to mock Mr. Cobb’s situation, but it is a serious issue. Failure to maintain property brings with it consequences. While some may discuss property values, the real world concern is far more important. Sewage storage is a breeding ground for disease. Lack of water can bring with it the risk of fire. And these are just two potential issues, neither of which respect property lines. His failure to maintain could cause a catastrophe for a neighbor, someone who was not involved in any of Mr. Cobb’s business.

Leith is taking the necessary steps to ensure that their towns citizens are safe, including Mr. Cobb along with any minority citizens. He should respect that.

But considering he does not even respect his fellow man, we highly doubt he will.