David Barton: Second Amendment Guarantees Right To Own Tanks And Fighter Jets(AUDIO)

Conservative Says Second Amendment Guarantees Right To Own Tanks And Fight Jets

Conservative Says Second Amendment Guarantees Right To Own Tanks And Fight Jets – Photo Credit: Jordan Emery via Flickr.com

Conservatives have an obsession with the Second Amendment. It’s really the only amendment in the Constitution that they love. That, and the Tenth Amendment that they consistently misinterpret to try and re-justify secession. Republicans literally believe that any common sense regulation of guns is unconstitutional. They believe this to the point where they even oppose banning terrorists from purchasing guns legally. Furthermore, conservatives have been raving lunatics with their anti-government rhetoric. They’ve been threatening revolution, the overthrow of the government and second amendment remedies at every turn in response to anything the government does that they hate. Which is everything.

The combination of these two things is bad enough, but imagine if individual conservatives were able to buy and own tanks, rocket launchers, fighter jets, and even nuclear weapons to use . Because that’s exactly what David Barton, leader of the right-wing organization known as Wallbuilders, claims the Second Amendment guarantees.

During his Thursday show, Barton claimed that the Second Amendment doesn’t just give Americans the right to buy and use guns. No, Barton says  it also gives any American the unfettered right to get their hands on advanced military weapons of war such as tanks, F-16 fighter jets, rocket launchers and anything else in the arsenal of the United States military:

The belief of the Second Amendment was you as a citizen have a right to defend yourself whether it be against a thug, an aggressor, a crook, or against your government.

Now this is where a lot of liberals go through the roof; are you saying that you think individual citizens have a right to own a machine gun?

Yeah. And an Abrams Tank, and a bazooka, and a F-16 because you’ve got a right to defend yourself with the same size of weapons that might be brought against you … You have a right to fight back with whatever you can get your hands on to defend your life, your property, your possession, your family, your whatever.”

Here’s the audio via Right Wing Watch:
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Second Amendment Absolutism

Also, who could forget that video of Scalia basically stating the Second Amendment means that nuclear weapons would be fine for common citizens. Can you imagine the absolute terror and anarchy that would ensue if these trigger-happy, anti-government, racist, violence obsessed crazy conservatives were able to own any weapon that is currently in the arsenal of the military? As Right Wing Watch points out, Barton’s blanket assertion that the right to bear arms means every weapon of war too also suggests that private citizens could access a nuclear bomb if they wanted one. Here we are worrying about whether Iran or North Korea will get nukes when what we should really be worrying about is private American citizens with an anti-government fetish getting their hands on them.

Barton’s claim is timely considering the fact that a Tea Party supporter has set an actual date for the violent overthrow of the federal government. If conservatives had this Second Amendment wish come true, they could literally burn the government, and any state they consider liberal, down to the ground. Nothing would stop an insane paranoid conservative from declaring war on police, public schools, government institutions, and anything or anybody they believe is a danger to their conservative beliefs. By Barton’s logic, conservatives could arm themselves with predator drones, Apache helicopters, cruise missiles, napalm, flame-throwers, grenades, AC-130 gunships, chemical and biological weapons, and any other weaponry the military may have. When does the madness end? When a conservative says something like this, all I hear is that they want to have the capable to destroy America right now without a second thought. That they really do want a bloody and violent reign of terror across the land in order to institute their extreme agenda on what’s left of the country. Conservatives are already in favor of letting terrorists have access to weapons, now they want to make it easier for terrorists to have access to weapons of mass destruction as well? Because according to Barton, if you can get your hands on it, you should have the right to have it and use it.

This newest abuse of the Second Amendment is a step too far and proves that conservatives have a blood lust that is unending. If they had their way, we’d all have our own private military arsenal at home instead of a few rifles and ammunition like the Second Amendment intended when it was written over 200 years ago. But only conservatives seem to really want a military arsenal, and that not only makes them a significant threat to national security, but to the safety of the American people as well, especially those who reject the extreme philosophy of the conservative regime. If you think conservatives are dangerous for holding the country hostage in Congress now, just wait until they hold us all hostage by threatening to drop their shiny new private ICBM on us unless they get their own way. That’s the frightening future conservatives dream of.