GOP Planning To Deny Back Pay To The 800,000 Workers THEY Put On Furlough

Government employees will be denied furlough back pay by GOP

Right wing talking heads are claiming that furloughed government employees will get back pay even as the GOP is already balking at the very idea.

One of the main talking points on the right is that the shutdown is ‘not a big deal’. 800,000 furloughed government employees is apparently inconsequential. Don’t worry about it. Fox has been calling it a “Slimdown” instead of a shutdown. Various paid shills for the right have been rushing to get in front of every camera and microphone to tell us everything is under control. As if 800,000 government employees not working or getting paid is not an economic disaster. Yanking that amount of money out of the economy for a couple of weeks or even a month has a ripple effect on the businesses that depended on that money. Never mind all of the businesses that have the government itself as a customer. But don’t worry! It’s not a problem. Really!