Petition For Congress To Receive No Pay Has 350,000 Signatures (PETITION)

petition for congress

Want to sign the petition for Congress to receive no pay? Scroll down.

A petition gaining significant traction online has now garnered nearly 350,000 signatures demanding Congress not get paid during the government shutdown. The shutdown purposefully executed by House Republicans on Tuesday is now in day four.

800,000 federal workers have been furloughed without pay, yet members of Congress still get paid their $170,000 salary while the government is closed for business. How many employees do you know of get paid while their place of work is shuttered? I’d wager zero. That’s why it’s totally unfair that members of the House and Senate get paid while other government employees have to give up their own paychecks.
The petition reads as follows:

“I demand that members of Congress NOT get paid during a self-inflicted government shutdown. It is morally reprehensible that hardworking federal employees will stop receiving the paychecks they need to feed their families and pay their mortgages, while Congress still gets paid for refusing to do the job they were elected to do.”

The petition then goes on provide background information on the shutdown and blasts Republicans for gleefully shooting America in the foot in their desperate attempt to delay or kill the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

“Since October 1st, hundreds of thousands of middle-class federal employees have been furloughed due to irresponsible members of Congress who refuse to govern for the well-being of the American people. The GOP-controlled House of Representatives decided to shut down the government rather than pass a spending bill that funds the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare.” Not only has the President’s signature healthcare law been upheld by the Supreme Court, but it was a major issue in the last presidential election when Republicans were soundly defeated.

These Republican members of Congress — including California’s own House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy — are putting the extreme and ideological demands of a small minority over the health of the American economy. And now, federal employees, veterans, and hard-working families will be the ones that have to pay the price. That is unfair and morally reprehensible.

Congress should take responsibility for their own inaction and lose their paychecks until they come to a resolution. Every day this drags on, the more damage it does to everyday Americans and our nation’s fragile economy.”

If you think Congress should receive no pay as long as the government shutdown rages on, feel free to sign the petition for Congress to receive no pay here. The more signatures delivered to Congress, the better. Americans are mad as hell, and this petition shows Congress, especially Republicans, that the people aren’t taking it anymore.

According to a CNN poll, a majority of Americans place blame for the government shutdown squarely at the feet of House Republicans. Forty-six percent say the GOP is at fault for causing the shutdown and 69 percent say Republicans are acting like spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum. So, it only makes sense that Republicans definitely shouldn’t be allowed to collect a paycheck since they think it’s great that the government is shutdown. They caused this mess. They should suffer the consequences for it.