Former GOP Pundit – ‘These Tea Party People Are Not Republicans, They Are Liars And Cheats’

Tim Miller left the GOP because of the Tea Party.

GOP insider, Tim Miller. Miller has decided to renounce the Republican party, and he his reasons include the Tea Party.

A reporter by the name of Dylan Hock received a shocking e-mail on Thursday, October 3rd. The e-mail came from a GOP insider, Tim Miller. Miller apparently reached out to Hock, who works at Occupy Democrats, after having a crisis of conscience. After stating that he had decided to renounce the republican party, he went on to cite his reasons.

“My plan, after years of agonizing over this, is to speak out against what is happening with my Republican Party; with the current crap that’s happening in Washington now as my last straw. Meaning, I want to call it like it is and explain that these guys are liars, taking advantage of the lesser-educated (what we have done successfully with southern whites for a generation now).”

Miller has been a republican all of his life, getting his start in politics in 1976. He is a well known presidential historian who has made regular appearances as a guest commentator on Fox News. He is a former Congressional Staffer, who got his start working in the Office of Robin Beard Jr, a GOP Congressman from Tennessee. Beard later went on to become NATO Deputy Secretary General. Miller is also a former White House Press Correspondent, with press credential for Congress and the Senate. He was also named as one of George Bush’s 1,000 Points of Light. Miller’s bio details various positions he has held with the Junior Chamber of Commerce, from National Staff Officer to President of the Memphis branch to Executive Director of the Wisconsin Branch. Miller also was chosen by former President Gerald Ford, as publisher of his own autobiography.

“I was a REAL Republican”

Miller stated in one of his follow up e-mails. He says that he started with the party in 1976 partly because

“Gerald Ford was publicly, pro ERA, pro Women’s Rights, pro Gay Rights.”

In his e-mail to Hock he said:

“I am officially a democrat, as of today.”

Miller appears to be frustrated by the Tea Party, whom he implies are at the heart of the problems that he is seeing within the GOP. Referring to them as

“Liars, Cheats & Hypocrites (or HCL which is hydrochloride acid if I recall my high school chemistry class)”

He goes on to say:

“These Tea-party people are not Republicans. They are liars and cheats”

Miller also writes that,

“Many of the so-called ‘leaders’ of this Tea Party Movement are knowingly misleading those who are less-educated and don’t realize they are being lied to.”

Miller says that the Tea Party is behind the effort to convince the public that the new Healthcare system is bad for them.

“It is not.”

He writes in one of his e-mails.

“In fact it was what Obama compromised down to, in order to appease republicans.”

Additionally, Miller says that he believes right-wing pundits are purposely manipulating people, by playing on strong emotions like fear and hate. In his e-mails he states that he has reached a point where his conscience has called him to speak out against what he has witnessed.

“Hate is powerful. Hate can fuel a national movement. But I fear these people aren’t thinking.”

He writes.

“I suspect its because the ‘cheap blow’, the bloody car-wreck and the loud yelling of harsh, hate-filled words that has for too long brought higher ratings, then advertising rates and then salaries. And in the political wing of this hate-movement, sheep are more likely to follow the Shepherd who speaks loudest.”

Describing the Tea Party as spoiled children who have to get their way, Miller went on to say

“If I’m going to come out of the closet, I may as well do it with some goal in mind… I still want to do this and hopefully, do some good. This has gone too far and I fear they [the Tea Party] are getting worse and worse.”

Miller does not appear to be alone in his feelings about the Tea Party movement. Following a closed-door meeting of the GOP in Washington during the first week of October, a Republican Senator told reporters that Ted Cruz and his Tea Party colleagues had been selling “snake oil” in Washington. According to insider reports, during the meeting a host of senior republicans railed against Cruz, while one senator after another pressured him to make some kind of offer to end the government shut down. “It was like a lynching in there.” he said.

Tea Party support across the country is at an all time low, with only 22 percent of Americans willing to identify themselves as a member of the terrorist organization that is holding the United States hostage. I predict that the longer the shut down continues, the more harm it does to the slowly recovering economy and the more pain it inflicts on ordinary, hard-working people, the more people like Tim Miller we will see, who are ready to completely denounce the GOP, even after a lifetime of involvement.

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