Government Shutdown May Hand Democrats A Victory In VA Governor’s Race (VIDEO)

Democratic VA gov. candidate ran a tough campaign ad linking his GOP oppenent Ken Cuccinelli to Sen. Ted Cruz and the government shutdown.

Thanks to public outrage against the Tea Party and the government shutdown, the VA governor race might go to the democratic candidate. Photo screen captured from a campaign ad for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for the VA governor race.

Virginia is holding an election for governor next month. The Tea Party’s government shutdown may have just guaranteed a win for the Democratic candidate.

In a state with at least 150,000 federal government employees and an economy that is heavily dependent on the government and the military, the current shutdown could well be the deciding factor in the outcome. Up to this point, the race has been close because voters don’t find either candidate particularly appealing. Those who’ve worked to turn VA blue since the 2008 Presidential election eagerly await the tipping of the scales.

VA gov. candidate links GOP opponent to government shutdown, tea party and Sen. Ted Cruz

The gubernatorial candidates are Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former fund-raiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton who has never held elective office, and Ken Cuccinelli, the VA State Attorney General who is closely associated with the Tea Party. In an example of supremely poor timing, Cuccinelli is scheduled to attend a fundraiser this weekend alongside one of the prime targets of voter anger, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

McAuliffe is making the most of Cuccinelli’s ties by putting out new campaign ads that link him to the government shutdown, the Tea Party and Cruz. One ad shows VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli pushing for a government shutdown:

I’d take it right to the brink. I’d have gone right over the brink.

Here’s the video:


Dem. candidate McAuliffe takes a slim lead in VA gov. race

A Hampton University poll released on Thursday showed McAuliffe has taken a slim lead of five percentage points. He has an overwhelming advantage among women and African-American voters, and in much of densely-populated Northern Virginia. In the VA communities that are suburbs of Washington, which are disproportionately affected by the shutdown, McAuliffe received 50 percent support, compared to 29 percent for Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli is a Tea Party hero because of his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, which means, as Tea Party organizer Ronald Wilcox said:

I think Ken Cuccinelli’s fortunes rise and fall on the backbone of House Republicans.

GOP candidate Cuccinelli’s bid for VA gov. mired in government shutdown

The longer the government shutdown goes on, the worse the Republican candidate becomes mired in the mess. John Feehery, once an aide to former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, told the New York Times:

If I were Ken Cuccinelli I’d be calling my friends in the Tea Party and saying knock this off.

Already, four Republican representatives from Virginia — J. Randy Forbes, Scott Rigell, Frank R. Wolf and Rob Wittman — are asking House leadership for a clean up-or-down vote on financing the federal government, no strings attached. They are well aware that their own political fortunes are affected by whether and for how long the shutdown continues.

VA voters “looking for some way” to vent anger over government shutdown

Former VA congressman, Tom Davis, put the frustration into words:

This will clearly knock out the Republicans in Northern Virginia. You’ll have a lot of angry voters looking for some way to express discontent. They don’t get a shot at Congress until next year.

‘A shot at Congress’ over the government shutdown is exactly what the country is yearning for. For now, Virginia’s race for governor is the surrogate target for the anger of a nation, and the results are bound to show it.