Georgia’s Bicycle Registry Is GOP “Small Government” At Its Best

Georgia's Bicycle Registry Is Republican "Small Government" At Its Best

3 Republicans in “Small Government” Georgia have proposed a bicycle registry. Because a gun registry is tyranny but tracking every bike is “freedom.” Evil Bike Is Evil T-Shirt available at Shirt.Woot.Com.

Bicycle registry? Yes, you read that title correctly. Three Republican representatives, Carl Rogers, Lee Hawkins and Emory Dunahoo (all from Gainesville) have proposed an…interesting amendment. They want to amend the motor vehicle registration law (Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia) to include a bicycle registry. The proposed amendment would require every owner of a bicycle to register and license it with the state for the purpose of an identification process.

The three state legislators were reportedly influenced by local businessman Jim Syfan, of Syfan Logistics.  Syfan told 11Alive News he had pushed a bill like this for years.

Why a bill for a bicycle registry?

“It’s not meant to stop anyone from riding,” Syfan said.  “What it’s meant to do is create an identification process.” Syfan continues his personal rationale,  “[Most bikers] are nice guys, they’re people, but once in awhile you’ll get a guy that will ride in the middle of the road and flip you off. This is to identify the guys that are not abiding by the rules.”

The bill as proposed would require either a one time registration fee or an annual charge. That would be your choice. Pay them $48 now, once. Or $15 a year, every year. If caught without the proper registration a misdemeanor crime conviction and a fine of $100. But the bicycle registry law wouldn’t end there.

Bicyclists would be required to have a license plate attached. Groups of cyclists would be limited by law to 4 riders which must be spaced 4 feet apart from one another in single file line. The must also keep a 50 foot distance between their group and any other group of riders or face the long arm of the law.

“Syfan also said it’s a safety issue.” As reported by the local NBC affiliate. “The more riders know they’ll be accountable to the rules of the road, the more cautious they’ll be.”

This bicycle registry however, does not apply to,

“any motor vehicle, bicycle, or trailer owned by the state or any municipality or other political subdivision of this state and used exclusively for governmental functions.”

Did you get that? Any man, woman or child owning a bicycle must pay for licensing and registration.  All this from the political party that stands on the platform of smaller government intrusion and no taxes. Why? So they can keep an identification log of those evil pedal pushers and fine them accordingly. But that same law does not and will not apply to any state or city  vehicles for governmental use.

Finally! A bicycle registry to protect poor, defenseless SUV drivers!

Need to curtail that gang of 9 year olds terrorizing your neighborhood with their loud, obnoxious rides? Streamers flailing, baseball cards intimidatingly clicking in their spokes, once you make the turn for home on your daily commute? Well this bicycle registry is for you.

Feel the need to protect the highways and byways of your local community from 5 or more spandex clad men and women of mischief? Hopefully, your 3000 pound, 4 door luxury tank will protect you from all that fitness fueled mountain bike mayhem. If not, well, now we’ll have a bicycle registry to catch these evil-doers..

And let’s not forget, these registrations and license requirements are non-transferable. Finally sounding a death knell to the never-ending black market sale of hand-me-down two-wheeled terror transporters. No. Each and every sale of a bicycle (new or used) will require the new owner to register and license their newly purchased nuisance machine or face statewide misdemeanor criminal charges.

This law will become legislative legend. Republicans, of course, are staunchly opposed to any form of taxation. This particular law will serve more as a lesson in accountability and, only as a side benefit, a revenue generator. Really!

Never mind that the sponsors of the bicycle registryl refused comment until the public hearing to be held on Monday, October 7th, at the Hall County Government Center in Hall County, Georgia. This bill is destined to be peddled toward progression. Kevin Mooney, a manager at Bike Town USA in Gainesville, Georgia said, “When I first saw it, I honestly thought it was a joke.” Oh, it’s  no joke Mr. Mooney.

Forget that a similar bicycle registry law was attempted in San Diego, California but had to be repealed a year later because of civil disobedience. This is Georgia. Where your 2nd Amendment rights shall not be infringed but your kids better not ride that contraption into the street. Where you can buy a gun off the street from a complete stranger without any documentation or registration whatsoever but outlaw pedal pushers must be tracked through a state registry. Nothing unreasonable about this new Georgia bill at all. You just have to get in line with the priorities Georgia law makers are peddling: Four deep, four feet apart. And fifty feet of separation between one group of three men and their trek toward insanity.