Marijuana Filled Boat Capsizes On California Nude Beach (VIDEO)

More than just a handful of marijuana found on nude beach.

California beach goers were surprised to find a capsized drug boat and 80 pounds of marijuana on a once popular nude beach. More than just a handful of marijuana found on nude beach. Image Credit: Katherine Hitt via

Four Mile Beach, a once popular nude beach near Santa Cruz, California, was the scene of an unusual event a few days ago. Beach goers had quite a surprise when it was discovered that a small boat which capsized and washed ashore was loaded with marijuana.

According to The Inquisitr, officials said the boat left Mexico with thousands of pounds of cannabis aboard. Most of the cargo had been unloaded and the crew had vanished before authorities arrived to investigate the accident.

Oakland’s KTVU-TV reports that the incident began around 11 AM local time, when authorities responded to a boat in distress call. Officials told the station that the boat probably anchored off the beach in the early morning hours, and began offloading its cargo. Before the task was complete, heavy surf capsized the craft and washed it onto the beach. When police arrived they found the boat upside down on the shore, along with four 20 pound bales of marijuana.

Local surfers described dangerous surf conditions

Surfers said that there was a rough surf advisory for the area and that they weren’t surprised the boat ran into trouble. Dimitrious Nichols told KTVU

I think it was a day for pretty experienced people. It was pretty good sized waves, and it seemed like doing what they were doing in a shore break like that was a real foolish idea. So I think this time they found out the hard way.

Four Mile Beach is an area at the south end of Wilder Ranch State Park. It used to be a popular nudist/naturist destination, according to SF Bay Guardian. Now the former nude beach is used mostly by clothed sunbathers and surfers. The area typically doesn’t attract large crowds, which is probably precisely why the smugglers decided to unload their cargo there.

Officials said that the quality of the marijuana was not as good as what they are used to seeing in the area. There is apparently no truth to the rumor that 200 pounds of Doritos also washed ashore along with the weed.

Here’s the video: