Extreme GOP Gerrymandering Responsible For Tea Party, Republican Infighting (VIDEO)

GOP Gerrymandering: Republican State Leadership Committee logo with red Salamander looming over map of the US & inscribed "Gerrymandering"

Here’s how GOP gerrymandering handed power to an extreme Tea Party, whose views do not represent those of the American people. GOP Gerrymandering image by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info.

Gerrymandering is a clear and present danger to America. Republicans also use race, class, and outright lies to achieve their goals. Many people say “we get the government we deserve.” After reading books like ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won The Heart of America,’ it’s easy to think this is true. These books claim ‘dumb’ Americans believe what Republicans tell them. But this is not the case. Today’s Congress is the result of GOP gerrymandering.

How GOP gerrymandering gives Republicans the House.

The 2012 election proves voters were informed enough to vote their best interests. Americans cast 1.4 million more votes for Democrats than Republicans in House races. We voted for politicians with better policies for the middle class. Unfortunately, GOP gerrymandering still gave the Republicans a majority in the House.

All parties gerrymander when they’re in control of their states. Politicians have always exploited this defect in our process. But GOP gerrymandering has gone too far now. Their majority in Congress does not reflect America at all. It is a sham.

Is GOP gerrymandering unconstitutional?

Is GOP gerrymandering unconstitutional? The short answer is no. The long answer is more  complex.

While the Supreme Court ruled in 1986 that partisan gerrymandering was unconstitutional and could be challenged in court [5], it set such a high standard of proof [6]that it made legal challenges of such districts extremely difficult. Since then, the Court has remained divided on whether there is any viable way to set a judicial standard for what makes a given district an illegal gerrymander. [Source]

How does GOP gerrymandering work?

Have you ever seen a map and wondered why districts are so oddly-shaped? GOP gerrymandering is all about squeezing Democrats into as few districts as possible. That leaves the GOP with a majority of districts. This explains why Democrats win their districts by huge margins, but more districts vote Republican:

In December, 2012, Rachel Maddow explained how gerrymandering gave Republicans too many seats in the House:


In October, Maddow discussed how GOP gerrymandering handed power to tea party extremists:

A glimpse of hope.

Gerrymandering undermines our faith in government. It gives too much power to Tea Party extremists, who cannot be held accountable. They’re out-of-step with most voters, but can hold the majority hostage. This is all because gerrymandering gives them safe districts. But thanks to the GOP’s deeply unpopular agenda, Democrats may win these districts in 2014.

California ended years of gridlock in 2011, when they appointed a bipartisan commission to redraw districts. Other states need to follow suit. Then — and only then — can Americans truly vote their interests. Every Democrat and Republican will have to earn the American citizen’s vote. Every vote will the count.

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