NBC/WSJ Poll: Republican Popularity At Lowest Ever, Obamacare Popularity Rises

Government Shutdown

Ever since they shut the government down last week, the Republican Party brand has suffered a backlash of epic proportions not seen in this country for generations. The most recent Gallup poll reveals that Republican favorability stands at a paltry 28 percent. That’s lower than the 31 percent during their impeachment of President Clinton in 1999. Yet, a new NBC/WSJ poll contains even worse news for the GOP.

Government shutdown: Republican popularity plummets even lower in NBC/WSJ poll

According to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, only a mere 24 percent have a positive view of the Republican Party since they caused the government shutdown last Tuesday. A whopping 53 percent say they have a negative view of the GOP. But that’s not all. The Tea Party is taking an even harsher beating. Only 21% of those surveyed have anything good to say about the extreme wing of the GOP. And who do most Americans blame for the government shutdown? Why, Republicans, of course. 53 percent fault the GOP for the government shutdown and an overwhelming 70 percent say Republicans are putting petty politics ahead of the country’s well-being. And it just gets more embarrassing from there.

As it turns out, only 31 percent blame President Obama for the government shutdown. However, Obama’s approval rating has actually risen two points higher than what it was a month ago. His new rating is hovering at 47 percent and “Democrats now lead Republicans on a generic Congressional ballot 47-39, a five point bump in the same period.” This goes along with a series of polls released earlier this week showing that Democrats are leading in 17 House districts currently occupied by Republicans. This is incredible news, but that’s not the best part of this poll.

Obamacare is more popular than Republicans after government shutdown

The best part of the poll is so great that I’ll let Benjy Sarlin of MSNBC.com explain it.

“The number that’s truly apocalyptic for Republicans is respondents’ views of the Affordable Care Act,” Sarlin writes. “The law is actually gaining support in the latest poll: 38% of respondents now say the law is a good idea versus 43% who say it’s a bad idea, a major bump from the 31-44 margin it polled last month and its best result in over a year.”

In other words, the Obamacare law that Republicans have held the nation hostage over for the last ten days is MORE popular among the American people than Republicans are. That has to have Republicans curling up in the fetal position crying in fear about now.

Big business, conservative donors, and right-wing think tanks are abandoning Republicans

These latest poll numbers are disastrous for Republican members of Congress and it has businesses and conservative groups running away from them as if they had the plague. The business lobby that spent millions of dollars to turn House seats red now appear to be having second thoughts about backing the Tea Party. Furthermore, the Koch brothers and right-wing think tank Heritage Action are abandoning Republicans like rats from the Titanic as the government shutdown has become too hot for them. Americans simply hate everything conservative right now. For the first time in a long time, ‘conservative’ is replacing ‘liberal’ as the dirtiest word in the nation. Americans are finally waking up and the government shutdown has helped them realize that Republicans have done nothing but hold America back for half of a century.

After the latest polls, Republicans can’t possibly think they’re “winning” now. Only delusional anti-government Tea Party sadists seem to believe they’re “winning.” But they are wrong. And their miscalculation will likely cost them dearly when the 2014 midterm election rolls around next November.