According To Fox, If You Are On Welfare You Shouldn’t Use An Air Conditioner (VIDEO)

Hasselbeck Says Air Conditioning Is An Entitlement (VIDEO)

Fox News’ newest idiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks that air conditioning is a luxury and people on welfare do not need to use it.
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When the right-wing talks about welfare and ‘entitlements,’ their not-so Christian attitude becomes abundantly clear. They have all sorts of stories about how welfare recipients experience all of the finer things in life and clearly they are abusing the system. Welfare recipients are not supposed to have nice clothes; they should wear rags instead so that Republicans are satisfied that they are indeed poor. Recipients are not allowed to have a decent looking car, who cares if it was bought before they fell on hard times. People on welfare should never, ever buy junk food. Oh that cake was for your kid’s birthday? Too bad, celebrate with mud pies. A welfare recipient has a phone? Well they shouldn’t! Poor people shouldn’t have phones! Well now Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her fellow co-workers over at Fox News have new items to add to the list of things poor people should not own or use: televisions and air conditioning.

Hasselbeck Says Welfare Recipients Don’t Deserve Air Conditioning

Yes, you read that right. Hasselbeck thinks that if a person is on government assistance they are not entitled to a television in their home — or an air conditioner.

During Thursday’s Fox & Friends Hasselbeck plugged Fox Business host John Stossel’s report that claims that welfare is creating a culture of dependency. During the plug a clip was aired of Stossel walking up to people who were presumably on welfare and asking them a series of asinine questions that will surely get their viewers fired up.

“Yeah, I have a TV,” one woman says.

“Yeah, I have a television,” a man tells Stossel.

“Do you have air conditioning,” Stossel presses.

“Yes,” the man replies.

“Cable TV?” Stossel asks another man.

“Yeah,” The man answers.

“John Stossel checking into that and exposing the ugly side of entitlements,” Hasselbeck remarked following the video clip. [SOURCE]


Here’s the video:



Air Conditioning Is A Luxury Or Entitlement?

So air conditioning is some sort of luxury? Let me tell you, I live in Florida and air conditioning is damn sure not a luxury here in the summer, it is as necessary as heat is during the winter in the north. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during June 30–July 13, 2012, in four states 32 people died. The median age of those people was 65 years old and most of the deaths happened within homes after storms knocked out the power. No power means no air conditioning. So those elderly people died as a result of not having air conditioning to cool them down during the summer months. So living is now a luxury? How very pro-life of Hasselbeck to suggest such a thing.

As for television it is ignorant  to suggest that people should not have a right to entertainment just because they have fallen on hard times. For Hasselbeck and trolls to say something as asinine as that just proves how truly mean spirited they are over there on the right.

I want to be shocked that Hasselbeck would suggest that those things are luxury items, but I’m not. Republicans want to make the lives of welfare recipients as miserable as possible as some sort of punishment for needing a hand up. It is the same mentality they have when they say a woman should not be allowed to have an abortion because she needs to be punished for being a whore. Republicans are all about punishment, that’s why our government is shutdown right now.

It becomes more and more obvious that Fox News, Hasselbeck, Strossel, and the rest of the party that claims to be deeply devout to Christ’s teachings are full of crap. They do not care about anything but themselves. If you happen to need help, well you damn sure don’t deserve anything else. Nothing. Just sit there and be poor, that is their mentality. It is disgusting.

Hasselbeck and friends should take a long hard look at their ideologies because from over here the only ‘ugly side’ of anything is them.