Campus Reform Helps Fox News Claim That Public Blames Democrats For Shutdown With Laughable ‘Poll’ (VIDEO)

Campus Reform poll

Fox News shared results of an unscientific Campus Reform “poll” showing students blame President Obama and Democrats for the government shutdown.

The right wing site Campus Reform has come to the aid of Fox News, with a student poll conducted at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Fox News has been trying to convince their viewers that the public blames Democrats for the government shutdown. The Campus Reform “survey” is helping their cause.

Campus Reform “reporter” Caleb Bonham took a white board to the CU-Boulder campus. At the top was the question “Who should we blame?” On the board were three choices: “Dems,” “O[bama],” and “GOP.” Bonham asked students who they blame for the government shutdown. Most blamed the president, followed by Democrats. The GOP came in a distant third.

Here’s the video:

Any objective observer can find the flaws in the Campus Reform “poll.” First, the video is obviously edited. This makes it possible, even likely, that Bonham cherry picked his respondents. Bonham can barely contain his glee when a participant decides that President Obama or Democrats are to blame. At one point he says to a student “You blame Obama? Nice. Tally it up.”

Fox News shares Campus Reform’s poll results

The powers that be at Fox News obviously love the effort by Campus Reform, as the image above shows. The original post of the image can be found on the Media Matters Facebook page.

The text under the photo of the “polling device” is as funny as the poll itself: “Survey finds many blame president and Dems.” The board shows a total of 25 votes. As of 2008, the Boulder campus had a student population of 29,709. This makes Campus Reform’s “sample” just over 0.08 percent of the student population.

Fox News has distorted the shutdown timeline

According to a report on the show Happening Nowthere have only been six main events in the shutdown story:

  • Sept. 20: House denies Obamacare funding
  • Sept. 24-25: Senator Cruz speaks for 21+ hours on Senate floor
  • Oct. 1: Shutdown begins
  • Oct. 5: House votes for furloughed workers’ pay
  • Oct. 8: President says debt ceiling not negotiable
  • Oct. 9: House votes for death benefits

Media Matters lists the events that were ignored by Fox. Those include an ever-changing list of House demands regarding the Affordable Care Act. Fox News also failed to report that Senate Democrats were joined by most Republicans in voting to end debate on the original House bill. The bill was then defeated on a party line vote.

Campus Reform joins the right wing noise machine

Campus Reform touts itself as “America’s leading site for college news.” It also identifies itself as a “project of the Leadership Institute.” The Leadership Institute  was founded by Republican activist Morton Blackwell in 1979. Its self-stated mission is to involve more conservative activists in the public policy processCampus Reform is also a participant in the recent attacks on Obamacare aimed at young adults.