Eric Cantor Given Total Control Of House In Late Night Rule Change By GOP (VIDEO)

Eric Cantor

A rule change pushed through just before the government shutdown turns Eric Cantor into the first Dictator of the United States. All Hail King Eric Cantor.

In the dead of night before the shutdown, the Republicans forced through a rule change, one which effectively handed over control of the government over to one man, Eric Cantor. You see, under the rules of the house, the members of the house had the ability to put the Senate resolution to a vote in the house. Here is the rule, as written:

When the stage of disagreement has been reached on a bill or resolution with House or Senate amendments, a motion to dispose of any amendment shall be privileged.

New Rules, New Leader In Congress.

However, the rule change pushed through in the dead of night without any oversight or debate instead put the authority to proceed into the hands of the majority leader in the house, Eric Cantor. This is the same Eric Cantor who is known for having gutted anti-corruption and bribery legislation. And now, he runs the show. Even House Speaker John Boehner can not bring it up to a vote.

This rule change was uncovered by Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen, who brought it to the House Floor late last week, as you can see below.

Supreme Overlord Eric Cantor, Emperor Eric Cantor, Or Just King Cantor?

Majority Leader Eric Cantor has usurped the rules and has placed himself as the dictator of Congress. Like a feudal lord, he lords over the house, and without the House, the Senate cannot pass the laws needed to run this country. Our new Nero playing his fiddle, King Eric Cantor is sitting back while the world burns.

Eric Cantor has already made it clear that he disregards the US Senate entirely, and that the President should re-open government facilities he dictates, without paying for them of course. This comes after he already decided on stealing food out of poor peoples mouths. Hard work with having over 200 days of vacation a year.

Forget Democracy, This Is Eric Cantor’s Dictatorship Now!

He is making sure that his decision to destroy the United States is not overturned this time around. That way he can ensure that taxes go up on all but the top-1%, making sure that the poorest among us are paying for Mitt Romney’s new Ferrari.

As the debt ceiling fast approaches, we must beg the president, take the power out of the petty dictator’s hands before it is too late. The new rule change gives one man too much power in government. Just remember these words of wisdom, more true now than they ever were before.