Teen Rape Victim’s Case Turns Into Nightmare As Missouri Town Targets Her And Her Family

Teen rape victim: Town of Maryville targets Daisy Coleman and family

Missouri town terrorizes teen rape victim.

A Missouri town is under fire this week after the Kansas City Star published an article about a teen rape victim whose life was turned into a living hell by the close-knit community. Even though the police and prosecutors of Maryville had damning visual and audio confessions along with the kind of physical evidence that would make most rape cases open and shut, the charges against the girl’s rapist were suspiciously and controversially dropped. Now, Anonymous has declared war against the town until an investigation is opened.

Maryville, Missouri allowed football player Matthew Barnett to walk free after he raped Daisy Coleman

Daisy Coleman and her family moved to Maryville shortly after the death of her dad in a tragic car accident. Although the town has a population of 12,000, most residents know each other. There’s nothing the townspeople love more than their beloved high school football team. And when one of the football players raped 14-year-old Daisy and left her to freeze to death outside her family home, town residents jumped into action. Not to support Daisy, but to viciously attack her and her family for demanding justice.

Matthew Barnett is the football player who raped Daisy. He’s the grandson of longtime Republican State Rep. Rex Barnett, so he has connections. It was January 8, 2012 and it was a bitter cold 22 degree morning. Daisy and her 13-year-old friend sneaked out of the Coleman home that night and met up with Barnett who drove the pair to his house where other members of the football team had already gathered. The girls were quickly offered alcohol and “a big glass of clear stuff,” that only Daisy drank. Shortly thereafter, both girls were sexually assaulted. Daisy was left just outside her front door in the freezing cold wearing just a t-shirt and sweatpants. Her belongings were scattered across an adjacent lot. Her mother, Melinda, horrifyingly found her that morning and quickly brought her inside to warm her up. Upon discovering signs of sexual assault, Melinda Coleman called 911.

According to the Star, “doctors observed small vaginal tears indicative of recent sexual penetration.” Upon hearing more details from Daisy’s 13-year-old friend, Sheriff Darren White and his officers searched Barnett’s home and seized “a blanket, bedsheets, a pair of panties found on a bedroom floor, a bottle of Bacardi Big Apple and plastic bottles of unidentified liquids.” The officers also took into evidence three cellphones, including an iPhone that was used by one of the players to record video of Barnett raping Daisy. Barnett even confessed his crime. In short, the evidence was pretty concrete. Even White admitted that with that much evidence, the perpetrators could “absolutely” be prosecuted. “We had all of the suspects in custody and had audio/video confessions,” White told the Star.

Maryville residents turned their backs on the Coleman family and the charges against Barnett were mysteriously dropped.

But it didn’t take long before residents of the town began turning their backs on the Coleman family. The teen rape victim and her family were attacked via social media and at school events. Many said she was asking for it or got what was coming to her. She was kicked off the cheerleading squad. Her mom was even fired from her job because her boss has connections to one of suspects.

Then all of a sudden, the charges against the teen boys magically disappeared. You know, as if someone with connections made a couple of phone calls and cashed in a favor. Because from the moment Melinda Coleman found out about such a favor and the subsequent dropping of the charges, she has been stonewalled by Sheriff White and Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice.

Rice subsequently told the Star that “There wasn’t any prosecuting attorney that could take that case to trial,” even though there was so much evidence that the case could “absolutely” be prosecuted. “It had to be dismissed. And it was,” Rice said.

The Start reports that,

“In a later interview, Rice called it a case of “incorrigible teenagers” drinking alcohol and having sex. “They were doing what they wanted to do, and there weren’t any consequences. And it’s reprehensible. But is it criminal? No.””

Not long after, the Coleman family decided that they’d been harassed enough and moved back to Albany, Missouri. But even 40 miles away, the family was still being terrorized. A suspicious fire razed their Maryville home to the ground, leaving little more than a pile of ashes.

The Maryville incident is an extreme example of what it’s like to move to a small town.

This is an extreme example of what it’s like to move to a small town where everyone knows each other and a few families have great influence. I should know. I’ve lived in my little town for 25 years since I first moved here with my family and I’m still stigmatized because my last name isn’t associated with those who exercise the most power in the community. I’m still considered an outsider. The Coleman family were outsiders. And because their last name wasn’t an influential one, the boys who did have such name recognition were easily able to have the charges against them brushed aside because they were either related to or were associated with someone who had connections. This case should have been open and shut. If these boys hadn’t known or been related to anyone of importance in the town, they would have been prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. But a more powerful group is coming to town and that should scare Maryville residents into begging for an outside investigation of the Coleman case.

Hacker group Anonymous is now taking Maryville to task for not prosecuting the rapist.

As it turns out, the hacker group known as Anonymous has decided to get involved on behalf of Daisy and her family. According to Raw Story , Anonymous posted the following letter addressed to the town of Maryville promising to wreck havoc if authorities do not investigate the case.

“We demand an immediate investigation into the handling by local authorities of Daisy’s case. Why was a suspect, who confessed to a crime, released with no charges? How was video and medical evidence not enough to put one of these football players inside a court room? What is the connection of these prosecutors, if any, to Rep. Rex Barnett? Most of all, We are wondering, how do the residents of Maryville sleep at night?
If Maryville won’t defend these young girls, if the police are too cowardly or corrupt to do their jobs, if justice system has abandoned them, then we will have to stand for them. Mayor Jim Fall, your hands are dirty. Maryville, expect us.”

Perhaps the town of Maryville should comply with Anonymous’ demands and do the right thing for teen rape victim Daisy Coleman. Justice must prevail. The truth must be revealed. And if not, Maryville’s 12,000 residents should probably prepare to be sent back to the Stone Age.