She Said ‘No’ So This Drunken Off-Duty Deputy Handcuffed And Assaulted Her (VIDEO)

She Said 'No' So This Drunken Off-Duty Deputy Handcuffed And Assaulted Her (VIDEO)

A Off-Duty Deputy Hit On A Marine.

An off-duty deputy of the Richland County, South Carolina Sheriff’s office is now unemployed thanks to his actions at a Buffalo Chicken Wings restaurant bar. Witnesses say that Deputy Paul Allen Derrick was drunk when he approached Brittany Ball, an off-duty Marine stationed at Fort Jackson. They claim that she rebuffed Derrick’s advances and that the two began to argue.

After a few minutes, Derrick left the restaurant, returning from his car with a pair of handcuffs. He grabbed Ms. Ball, and pulling her hands roughly behind her back, handcuffed her. He then slammed her head into a metal table. Derrick shouted at Ball to alternately “Stand up!” and to “Sit down!” while holding her from behind. He took the opportunity to rest his hand on her breast while yelling, “This is how Marines deal with soldiers.” Told you he was drunk.

Customers got out their cell phones and started filming.

Luckily, several customers were recording the incident. They shouted at the off-duty deputy to let the woman go, that he had “crossed the line” and that they were calling “the real cops.” A few of the men approached Derrick but backed off when he threatened to arrest them, too. “Step away!” he yelled at them. Ball’s companion, Steven Hughes, was one of the witnesses who filmed the event:

“I said I’m going to start videoing this because I think something is about to get out of hand. And about the time I got my video out, he had her turned around and was putting her in handcuffs.” (source)

Soon, the Columbia, S.C. police arrived. They ordered Derrick to release Ball immediately, then started speaking to witnesses and viewing the video. They then took the drunken off-duty deputy into custody, charging him with assault and battery. They also confiscated a loaded gun that Derrick had on him, along with his ID and badge.

Derrick’s boss tried to protect him.

The Sheriff of Richland County, Leon Lott, stood behind his deputy at first. He asserted that the arrest was proper since Ball had been “resisting.” He also dismissed the report that Derrick had been hitting on the Marine, insisting that the deputy was only trying to calm the woman. After pressure from the community, Lott finally placed Derrick on unpaid suspension for the duration of the investigation.

After meeting with Interim Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago and Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson, Lott fired Derrick on Tuesday. The state attorney general noted that Derrick was not allowed to arrest anyone without another officer on the scene. This is per a Supreme Court ruling which limits the authority of Class 3 officers. So, goodbye to another law enforcement officer who abused his authority.

Why is it that some men just cannot take “No!” for an answer? The guy is 49 and he was hitting on a 23-year-old. What makes him think that he has a right to assault her because she turned him down? Because he was an off-duty deputy? Well, she was an off-duty Marine — so what?

It seems that some men have a terribly delicate ego. Perhaps these guys should just stick with online dating sites. Or online porn. But there is no excuse for a law enforcement officer to abuse his authority in such a manner. None at all.

Here’s video of the incident. Trigger Warning: it is upsetting.